Welcome to the Aphex Collective!

We are an Art Role-Playing Group focused on the species and fantasy world of Elyxium. This universe and content can contain mature themes, so we recommend to players 16+. If you are looking for incentives, lore, community and rewards for interacting and growing your own characters you have found the right place! We offer a large array of activities and events, with new games and prompts added regularly to grow the world around you.
We welcome both casual and active members, and offer constant content and lore updates.

We advise joining our Discord for raffles, updates and much more!


Active Side Quests and Activities

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Current Raffles



Raffle: January
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Recent Updates

Elyxium is undergoing an updated art phase. Species and refs may be refined and changed at any point.

🆕New Exotic Lumicroak Added
A new exotic Lumi has been found, you can now obtain Exotic (2) Lumicroaks from their crates in the Treasury! 


New Pet Species + Halloween 2022 Badge
Don't forget to claim your Halloween badge if you have participated. The new pet species, Arabobas, can be claimed in the pet store and can be found under the Insect category. 


Content Update: 25th October
Stowaway district page updated.

Content Update: 13th October
Kyren lore and image updated.
Kyren Page

Content Update: Re-code ONGOING
Many pages are currently being recoded to be neater and easier to read. Please notify a mod if text or links appears broken. 


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