Mammal | 2 Meters long | 1-2 Meters tall | Rare | Cray - Lid

  • Kralids are unusual-looking mammals found in damp and humid areas of Elyxium. Despite their off-putting appearance, they are generally non-violent, and prefer to avoid contact with larger species. They are omnivores and can survive on a diet of purely plant matter or meat, which usually dictates the colour of their coats. The plants they eat can influence their skin, green Kralids being most common, however, some may appear a vivid red. These Kralids usually reveal a Rot nest nearby, where they scavenge carcasses from. Despite their diet, they always possess similar spiral markings on their back, which can make it difficult to distinguish their silhouette against grass and shadows.  

    Kralids are fast, and sport sharp claws on their paws. If one decides to defend itself from a threat, these claws are surprisingly not their biggest weapon. Unbeknownst to many, these strange dog-like creatures can extend their necks to a horrifying degree, allowing them to latch onto limbs in one quick motion. When latched, a Kralid's jaw can snap through bone and metal, which is usually enough to scare off predators. They generally do not continue to attack once a threat is immobilized or flees. 

    Some researchers have also noted that this animal actually has small eyes on their wrinkled faces, which are more visible at night when light refracts from their cornea. This means they are rather short-sighted, and mostly rely on hearing. Kralids generally stick in packs of 4-8, where two males protect the females and their young. They are not territorial but may grow aggressive if other species try to eat their food sources.