Subtypes: Centeer, Defect (D)

  • Diet

    • Dephx are omnivores and typically eat a rich diet of meats and fruits/vegetables. Many Dephx pray on Aphex, but may target other large animals to feast upon.


    • Dephx are larger than Aphex, and typically range from 1-5 meters in length. They vary drastically in sizing, meaning there can be many Dephx that are half the height of normal Aphex (quad stances).


    • Dephx reproduce like other mammals. Dephx have concealed reproductive organs, making sexing a Dephx not an easy task. Dephx produce small clusters of eggs, in which only around 1-3 Dephx hatchlings survive. It is common for these hatchlings to kill their siblings for food.

    Lore and Information

    • Creation
      ​Dephx were seen as failed attempts at creating what we know now as Aphex. They were intended to be eliminated however many specimens escaped during the downfall of humanity. They hold an instinctual resentment towards Aphex, viewing themselves as on par with Aphex intelligence, however, treatment by humans had soured their outlook on the Aphex species. Not all Dephx have this natural hatred towards Aphex, especially if raised or domesticated by them. They are smart, the same intelligence and consciousness as humans and Aphex alike. 
      Aphex commonly know of these "rejects", however, a handful of Aphex view the Dephx species as brothers and not a threat. and refuse to hunt or kill them en mass. There are still quite a lot of Aphex who actively hunt down Dephx to protect their own people. It is very controversial to keep/tame a Dephx as they can act on instinct and potentially become aggressive to their carer. After many decades of mass hunts, the Dephx population has rapidly declined, meaning it is much rarer to come across one in the wilderness. Dephx often are found in the uninhabited wilderness, usually on the outskirts of Aphex districts or villages. Since they are rare, they are usually by themselves. This doesn't stop some Dephex trying to join Aphex communities, however many are aware of their instinct to devour Aphex flesh and thus are always wary of them. Some districts now allow Dephx to live among their people, but there are usually many rules and safeguards in place to ensure the Dephx is safe for society.

      Dephx are omnivores however they often prey on Aphex given half the chance. They can eat anything edible; plants, animals, homemade foods etc. Dephx are also extremely light, their bones hollow-like just like a bird. This allows them to almost hover in the air when they jump, assuming they haven't eaten a big meal. They can not photosynthesis like Aphex. Since they do not have eyes they use echolocation and smell, which they are very attuned to using. Dephx are found to often smash their heads into any movement they hear and are a chaotic force when starved. They have an enormous downward bite force which is the Dephx's most deadly trait when hunting, this force is enough to bend a metal beam. 

      While it is expected for Dephx to be unruly and dangerous, there has been a resurgence of domesticated/educated Dephx that have survived alongside Aphex. Domesticated ancestors have given way for a new generation of Dephx who lack the same instinct to kill Aphex. It can never be assured which Dephx have lost this instinct, but many who have lived alongside Aphex settlements are considered safe for interactions.

      Dephx are rarely born with eyes, which makes their ability to see the world unique to most other creatures. Instead, why rely on echolocation and scents. Echolocation is often accompanied by clicks from the Dephx's throat to gauge the distance between them and objects when the sound reverberates. They can also feel vibrations in the ground to hone in on prey. Since Dephx are light when they haven't eaten for a while, their own footsteps are often very soft and do not interfere with their hearing abilities. Below is a hypothetical visualization of what a Dephx "see" in their mind when using echolocation. Anything that does not reverb sound is seen as an "abyss of darkness" as Dephx can only visualize their immediate surroundings. 


    Soul Lore

    • Dephx are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



    • Trait Sheet
      Mutations (Use Aphex Traits)

      Bison Body (Legend Trait)

      Body types are a new addition to mutations. Unlike subspecies, these act like normal mutated genes, causing a different body structure. The colour of these body types are the trait they are under to be unlocked. You can not have more than one body type mutation on your Dephx. These body mutations are also removed/become null when turning your Dephx into a subspecies (Its best to use the slot for a different trait!).


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