• Lore

    Arkies are large, avian creatures that are quite easy to tame. They can be often found domesticated in farms or grassy fields, and can run up to 70km/hr. Due to their strong legs, they are often used to carry people and items, as well as toiling land for crops. Arkies can also be used to harvest eggs for consumption. 

    Arkies are generally very gentle, but can be hostile around snakes and small rodents though it is unsure why they act like this. Due to their caring nature, Arkies are most often used as rescue animals, and can bear harsh environments to rescue unfortunate souls. If you ave a strong bond with your Arki, they will often try to share food with you, and may bring you small gifts in the form of flowers and twigs. It is highly frowned upon to use Arkies for meat, however, they are often hunted by Dephx. 

    Traits and Anatomy

    Arkies come in a huge variety of palettes and patterns. Their beaks vary greatly in style. 
    Arkies may have glowing markings, any Bird features, hairless tail, horns, and any type teeth.
    Arkies should not posses anything magical including hovering symbols, or unnatural traits such as additional limbs, eyes or ears, or drastically altered anatomy, etc. 

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    Arki EggArki Seeds

    Specialty: Land


    When paired using a Moonflower, Arkis grant their owner the following stats: 
    Agility +2, Strength +2. 

    When fed with Arki Seeds, they gain +1 Agility (per seed box), which is also granted to their paired Elyxian. 

    Arki Info


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