Subtypes: Xi'rune, Xubrus

  • Diet

    • Xeodes, like most other species, are omnivores and can eat anything edible but seem to prefer food they used to consume in past lives unconsciously.  


    • Xeodes are large, a few heads above Aphex. The average for Xeodes is 8ft, but some have been noted to be around Aphex average height.

      Comparable Height Sheet


    • Xeodes can not reproduce but can still possess reproductive oragns.

    Lore and Information

    • Creation
      Xeodes are quite rare and can only be created from the soul of those who previously had a permanent affliction. When an Aphex's, Dephx's, Kiku or other intelligent being's soul wanders the earth, it has a chance to form into an organic seed over time due to the magic it possesses. This is considering the soul hasn't been ushered to Alure by a Cyphon beforehand. These seeds eventfully grow into plants, holding not fruit, but a single egg with this new form. This plant has been documented caring for the young Xeode (bud/budling/seedling) by feeding the hatchling with its flowers that are full of nutrition and water.

      Xeodes are a very mysterious species, seemingly adapted to survive the dangers of the world, but many leave their nest to explore the vast and dangerous lands. It is rare that a Xeode can fully remember their past life, but may carry quirks or habits from their old body, flashbacks like Deja Vu or strange attachments or feelings to those around them they knew from their past life. It is extremely rare for a Xeode to perfectly remember their past life, however not impossible. If the soul has turned into a seed relatively quickly after the body's death there is a higher chance that memories will stay intact. Xeodes are often feared by all many lifeforms due to their large sizes and strength. It is not confirmed why, but many depict a strange feeling of dread when in proximity to these creatures. 

      Xeodes have an array of personalities, and often are secluded due to their rarity and method of creation. Xeodes do not understand what they are or where they come from but often seek companionship from those of their old kin or species. They are incredibly strong, sometimes many are not entirely sure of their limits and can end up breaking things unintentionally.

      Lifespan and Age
      Xeodes live for a long time, some even mention around 200 years and older. Xeode's bodies are not made of normal substances like flesh and bone at a microscopic level, meaning they do not suffer from normal signs of aging. A Xeode could theoretically live for longer, but their soul's energy slowly burns out over time until either their bodies break or the soul eventually dies. Due to this unfortunate fate, Cyphons often keep a watch over any Xeodes they find and offer to lead their soul to Alure when the Xeode is ready.

      Xeodes lack eyes and instead can see with magical sight. This sight allows the Xeode to see the world in colour, and is usually more mystical and saturated than reality. Not only can a Xeode see everything around them, but can often see a "magical" aura that surrounds afflicted items and people. They are very attuned to the secrets around them and can sense hidden paths. Below is a visualization of a Xeode's sight, it is often bright with colour and can sometimes seem textured by the auras around the scenery. 



    Soul Lore

    • Xeodes are created with a soul that was wandering the earth that still holds an affliction. Upon death it is common for the soul to die before it is found and guided to Alure.




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