• A fluffy Nadire stands before you at his small stall. He is seemingly tinkering with a small wooden box. His screen flashes with yellow as he notices your presence. 

    "Welcome fellow lifeform to my little workshop! Here I can share the tools and knowledge to create items with scraps you've picked up on your adventures. Don't be shy to ask me any questions you may have."

    To craft the items, submit a claim and link this page. Make sure to specify what you will be crafting!

    ✨ = Exclusive Crafting Item



3-image.pngUncommon Token

  • 63-image.pngBeeswax x2 + 69-image.pngCotton x3 + 67-image.pngSunflower x1

4-image.pngRare Token

  • 63-image.pngBeeswax x5 + 69-image.pngCotton x3 + 64-image.pngSaffron x1

5-image.pngLegend Token

  • 63-image.pngBeeswax x10 + 69-image.pngCotton x3 + 65-image.pngRose x1

6-image.pngGod Token

  • 63-image.pngBeeswax x15 + 69-image.pngCotton x3 + 365-image.pngLavander x1

7-image.pngPremium Token

  • 63-image.pngBeeswax x20 + 69-image.pngCotton x3 + 68-image.pngAphex of Paradise x1





43-image.pngUridae Honeycomb Bites

  • 63-image.pngBeeswax x10

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Coming Soon


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71-image.png Aphex MYO 2UC 1R

  • 57-image.pngStick x10 +58-image.pngAphex Skull x1

72-image.png Dephx MYO 2UC 1R

  • 57-image.pngStick x10 +59-image.pngDephx Skull x1

73-image.png Nadire MYO 2UC 1R

  • 57-image.pngStick x10 +61-image.pngNadire Faceplate x1

74-image.png Xeode MYO 2UC 1R

  • 57-image.pngStick x10 +60-image.pngXeode Skull x1

75-image.png Kiku MYO 2UC 1R

  • 57-image.pngStick x10 +62-image.pngBroken Mask x1

Coming Soon



131-image.pngDormant Elemental Stone

  • 121-image.pngEnchanted Rainbow Quartz x5

102-image.pngGrowth Serum

  • 120-image.pngGlowing Mushroom x5

144-image.pngJade Pendant ✨

  • 143-image.pngJade Fragment x10 

413-image.png Spirit of the (1/5) ✨

  • 57-image.pngStick x3 + Wooden (Animal) Carving x1

493-image.pngCoral Crown ✨

  • 488-image.pngPink Coral x10

543-image.png(Gem) Spiral Pendant ✨

  • 542-image.pngStrange Fragment x3
    (Gem is user's choice)

613-image.png Possessed Claw

  • 611-image.pngEctoplasm x8

709-image.png Straw Bag ✨

  • 57-image.pngStick x10 +708-image.pngBundle of Grass x10

710-image.png Lapis Ring ✨

  • 57-image.pngStick x15 + 140-image.pngPolished Lapis

711-image.png Carved Diamond Ring ✨

  • 56-image.pngDiamond x1 + 121-image.pngEnchanted Rainbow Quartz x3

712-image.png Dephx Claw Pendant ✨

  • 54-image.pngDephx Claw x1 +708-image.pngBundle of Grass x5

714-image.png Healing Balm✨

  • 713-image.pngHoney x1 +57-image.pngStick x4

716-image.png Golden Amulet ✨

  • 715-image.pngGold Ore x3 +57-image.pngStick x3