Subtypes: Mythren

  • Diet

    • Ethren are omnivores and can eat any edible food. They can survive without eating as uncomfortable as it may be.



    • Ethren can not reproduce. 

    Lore and Information

    • EthrenAnatomy.png

      Ethren are a rare but respected species among Elyxium, and many beings know of their existence and creation. Ethrens are commonly found in roles of intelligence or experience, such as scholars, teachers, leaders and writers. They are immortal in the sense that they will not die of old age or lack of nutrition, but lethal injuries can still end an Ethren's life. They are treated as royalty in Elyxium, which often results in mistreatment from beings that find this bias unfair to those who do not get such special treatment. 

      Ethrens are the result when a soul has gone through every transition of a vessel on earth, and is in its final experience. This is usually a main species of intelligence. Once their last body has fallen, their soul's flame burns out and becomes a new substance entirely, a material between a soul and Gracelight. This liquid energy fills the empty vessel, which can take a few days, to years to reconstruct, and creates what we know as Ethrens. The flesh is warped into the Ethren anatomy, and the final scars of the vessel are imprinted on the skin, usually as glowing markings but this can vary drastically. 

      Aside from immortality, Ethrens possess a faster regeneration speed than most species, and can also sense the rough lifespan of those around them. Aside from these magical afflictions, Ethrens gain one important ability, the ability to remember the knowledge of every life they have ever experienced. From the humble crab to a great dragon, they can recall any knowledge that may aid in their survival. Some call this a blessing, while those who possess this gift often call it a curse. Remembering knowledge also results in remembering loss and the experience and strength gained from these memories. It takes great resilience for an Ethren to continue on a gracious path with the weight of these experiences with them. 



    Soul Lore

    • Ethren do not posses "souls" but the resulting essence of a burnt-out soul, which carries the memories and experiences of every life they have lived. When a soul is created, they begin as the smallest organism, usually bacteria, and work its way up in size and intelligence over thousands of years. 



      • Face/Scar Traits

        Scars must show on the Ethren in any form. To identify these scars, it is best to write the body part where they show. For example 
        Transparent Scars| God (Knee) etc
        You can write this placement in the notes section of a trait. 
        Scars can be abstract, in patterns, or more closely resemble the method of death. It is up to artistic interpretation how to represent these markings. 

    • Body Mutations

      *Editor Note: Any normal ears are optional to add as a common trait (1 pair). 

    • For reference, below are the old trait sheets. Do not use these for future designs!
      Body Reference +Arcanas and position
      Body Traits



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