Subtypes: Mythren

  • Diet

    • Ethren are omnivores but typically enjoy more fruits and vegetables compared to meats.



    • Ethren can not reproduce.


    Lore and Information

    • Ethren are each derived on a card from a common Tarot deck. Many stories tell that Ethren has been around ever since there has been life, and the human race had made contact with these beings which they reflected upon in religion. When the human civilization became more advanced, Ethren slowly disappeared. It is said that when the Earth slowly lost it's magic Ethrens slowly died out or were not created at all but it is entirely plausible they hid their existence to avoid the threat of humans. Their auras can range dramatically from causing happiness to even luck.  They can't control their auras but work around them to affect those who may need it most. It is an Ethrens job to keep life balanced, be that both good and bad. Even Inverted Ethrens may have good intentions, as sometimes it is needed to have weaknesses to overcome your own hurdles. 

      When Ethren are created, they emerge from eggs made of crystal and glass. These eggs are impossible to crack open, and only open when the baby Ethren is ready to emerge. It isn't entirely known where these eggs come from, but many describe that they just appear overnight, mostly in fields or deep in forests. It is also commonly assumed that blessed Cyphons leave these eggs in Elyxium. Ethren are the final stage of reincarnation. When an Ethren finally dies, its soul turns to Gracelight which turns into Cyphons. 

      Ethren bodies are mostly squishy, but they can be furry as well. Ethrens can live forever if they don't sustain life-threatening injuries. They have quick metabolisms and can heal quickly from injuries. 

      Ethren often lack eyes, but can clearly see the world. It is usually more colourful and stylized with pastels rather than natural colours. These colours can usually represent the soul age of the creatures around the Ethren if they focus enough. Ethren are not inhibited by the lack of eyes in any sense. Below is an Ethrens depiction of their sight. 


    Soul Lore

    • Ethren are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is converted into Gracelight in Alure once found by a Cyphon. This is due to the soul losing its "flame" or energy after a full cycle of reincarnations and is ready to become reborn as a Blessed.



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