ūüí°Adding your Affliction

  • To add your item affliction to a character, navigate to the character and the inventory on the left sidebar. On this page, you can swap afflictions which will show on your character's main page. Custom afflictions will show under your items.¬†

    Custom Afflictions
    To add a unique/custom affliction follow the steps below.
    Become acquainted with the guidelines of afflictions below, once you have decided on your affliction send in a brief in a claim with the affliction contract item attached. 
    Once approved, they will appear in your Affliction Section. 

    Affliction items that grant stat additions now only do so upon submission of a prompt. To ensure you use the stats in your affliction inventory, mention your buffs on the artworks that requires them. Once you have added an affliction to your inventory you can not remove them. You must await a cooldown of 2 weeks and make a claim to have them removed or submit a redesign or update. Affliction items that must have a physical change on the masterlist will not be "active" until you have sent in a redesign for the design. This means they will not grant stat buffs, count towards achievements, and may incur penalties if drawn in prompts. 

    Some afflictions are not compatible with every species. Ensure your character meets the requirements to turn these items "active". 


The Afflictions of Elyxium

  • Permanent Afflictions or (PA) for short are a magical ability that sometimes appears in beings of Elyxium. It is not linked to DNA or genes, so they are not passed down to offspring naturally. It is a common belief that most PAs are given by one of the three main deities, The Progenitor, The Beaked Devil or The Sky Weaver. Respectively, they often fall into these categories based on the effect; The Progenitor - neutral can be any type. The Beaked Devil - Dark, evil, discord, and water. The Sky Weaver - Healing, powers for good, creation, and weather.

    Afflictions are a mysterious force in Elyxium, and is often theorized and researched extensively on by its inhabitants. Many view it as a curse, while some believe it is a blessing from above. Its random and often unobservable nature makes studying the raw energy of magic near impossible for mortal beings.  Based on documentation from the human era, it is believed that humans only witnessed a fraction of the amount of magic currently residing in Elyxium. It is not yet determined why "magic" has returned to the Earth, but each religion has its theories why. It is a common theory that the release of magic is linked in some way to the downfall of mankind, but how is still a mystery...
    Many beings relate afflictions to the soul of the user, and those who possess magic from birth have been graced by the gods above. "To cleanse the affliction from the mortal body is to lose a part of yourself."


    Crystals are a prominent part of Elyxium, and is strongly rooted to afflictions and magic. It is theorized that due to the transparent nature, and the method by which crystals are formed that they attract and can absorb afflictions like a conductant, akin to metal and electricity. This is often why many afflicted items are or contain crystals in their design. Elyxians that have crystal growth find that their powers can be affected positively or negatively by the crystals on their body. Not every crystal reacts the same, however, some can dampen the effects of magic, some can increase the power while on rare occasions some crystals have even been known to completely negate any afflictions too close to its area of effect. While not a common practice, some have mastered the art of crystal tuning and can transfer one's permanent afflictions into a crystal to contain. It is often theorized the same method can be applied to the soul of an Elyxian, but there has been no official documentation of such.


Affliction Guide

  • Afflictions Tiers VS Mutations (Premium Traits)

    Premiums and afflictions are often confused for one another. Premiums are a very rare mutation in the being's DNA that allows for an extremely rare body mutation to show. This can be extra heads, arms, poison skin, or any trait naturally found in the animal kingdom.  Afflictions are always magical in nature, and would never show as a natural appearance/power on an animal. 

    Arm1.png   Arm2.png  Arm3.png  Arm4.png

    Image 1 represents a premium trait, which is two arms. This is physical and fully a part of the character - flesh and all.
    Image 2 shows the same idea, but uses a tame affliction. Tame afflictions are only for appearance and can not be used as a very useful power or appendage.  This tame affliction arm is magical and can not interact with anything around it. 
    Image 3 is the same concept but realized in a useful manner. Alert afflictions allow a magical ability that can be very useful for its host. In this example, instead of having just phantom arms, it can now form into a weapon and can physically harm objects and people around it. Afflictions are concentrated around one power, so it can not have multiple abilities. In this example, its main ability is "morphing into weapons". 
    Image 4 is the critical class of the previous ability. This is an extremely powerful form of affliction and can cause mass damage to those around them. This phantom limb can now create objects of the same material to be used as weapons and items and can morph drastically to allow multiple weapons for its host to use. It can expand to protect the user, be used for rapid mobility and morph into armour, clothing etc. It becomes a much powerful version of the alert class morphing abilities. 


    Please note this affliction is mostly for appearance. It cannot level up or evolve canonically. This is the most common type of PA. Afflictions of this tier are magical, meaning they can not mimic premium traits that are physical and can appear through mutations or natural errors.
    Afflictions that fall under this tier should follow the below outline or fit into this category.
    Cosmetic effect. Only affects the appearance. Should not be mimicking a premium trait. Can include rotten skin without immortality. 
    Healing and positive effects. Can only positively affect themselves and others around them, abilities like healing, boosting, and calming abilities. This can also be a positive aura.
    Passive Cosmetic Supernatural abilities. Abilities like casting shadows, a disembodied voice or trails of smoke, slight shapeshifting (Alt Coat/Horn length/Ability to control fur length/Nothing too dramatic etc), harmless mouths on the body, unnatural body mutations Pixie sizes to list a few.
    Visions. Basic/Blurry visions of the past and/or future.
    Breathing underwater.
    Can communicate with animals easily.
    Mind and Ethereal Voice.
     Can speak in other's heads or have a disembodied voice.

    Afflictions that fall under this tier should follow the below outline or fit into this category.
    Abilities that are stronger than TAME. Generally, if the power is harmful or impactful but not devastating it will fall in this category. Most afflictions will fit in this catagory.
    Anti Gravity. Must be full-body floating abilities, just fur or elements will fall under Tame. Can manipulate other objects and people.
    Mind Influence. Ability to influence minds or read them.
    Physical Abilities. Alteration to physical capabilities. (Super Senses)Strength, agility and speed all fall into this category.  
    Shape-shifting and Morphing Abilities. Can not include massive creatures or creatures that can cause mass harm. Shapeshifting can be (1) a totally separate form, mimicking traits of others, changing to others forms around their size etc. Can have a separate "larger" form that can be submitted for approval. 
    Supernatural Abilities. Communication with the dead, teleportation, and manifestation to name a few.
    Harmful Abilities. Can only be minor. Nothing devastating.
    Ability to travel to other worlds (Can not be Alure).
    Basic elemental control (One Element Per Scroll). 
    Allows the user to control/create a single element and use it to a small degree. Examples are fire, water, ice, ground, poison, air, plant, metal, toxin, gas, smoke etc. These elements can only cause minor damage to others and objects in this category. or is used more as a tool. Anything devastating is critical. The alert category considers the elements that must be present to control (Fire must be present to influence etc).
    Time Travel.  
    Time travel that can not alter history/future.
    Gaint Sizes
    Can make replications of items. 
    Can steal the energy of other beings.
     (Not to the point of death)
    Elemental Immunity. Can be immune to a single element/substance (Etc Fire, Lava, Ice, Poison) 
    Prophecy. Can predict the future clearly. 
    Memory Loss.
    Can summon weapons. 
    Can summon/create a weapon at will.
    Psychometry. The ability to learn things about the past or future of an object by touching it.
    Can influence an animal's actions. 
    Can reflect the damage that would affect themselves onto others.
    Rapid Healing
    X-Ray Vision
    Phasing through walls
    Can only remain active for a limited time.
    Body parts can grow or alter to be used as a weapon for a short time.

    Afflictions that fall under this tier should follow the below outline or fit into this category.
    Devastating Abilities. Abilities that can cause major harm to others or objects.
    Full Mind Control. Can fully control those around them. (Includes Hive Minds)
    Shape-shifting and Morphing Abilities.  (Massive/devastating creatures such as Cracken, whale-sized. Mythic etc). Can also turn into any animal at will in this category without limit.
    Over Powered Abilities. (Sometimes more powerful versions of alert)
    Full control over others' powers.
    Usually a mastered power of an Alert category. 
    Being able to travel to Alure.
    Full elemental control (One Element Per Scroll). 
    Allows the user to control/create a single element and use it to a large degree. Examples are fire, water, ice, ground, poison, air, plant, metal, toxin, gas, smoke, weather etc. These elements can cause mass damage but not to a degree that would be considered catastrophic. Can harm others and objects. User can form these elements out of thin air to manipulate. 
    Possession. Can possess others' bodies, either as an ethereal version of themselves or after death etc.
    Borrowing other's Powers. Can steal others powers for a short time.
    Can create multiple weapons for use in combat at one time. Also allows the user to control these weapons without holding them.
    Impenetrable Armour/Indestructibility. (Nothing can harm the user's body while using this power)
    Time Bending/Freezing. Anything prolonged would fall under ethereal. Usually, this effect wears out after some time in effect.
    Can create living creatures from nothing.
    The ability to raise the dead, whether animals or intelligent beings. 
    Replication/Clones. Can exist until they die.
    Siren Song. Any being who hears the song is completely entranced and can not control their actions.
    Ability to grant small wishes (Future Only). Such as small wealth, luck, prosperity, health etc. 

    Afflictions that are god-like in nature. Can affect en mass.
    Physical time travel (Allows you to alter the present. Can not canonically effect set events in the Aphex Universe)
    Overly strong versions of other tiers, etc ability to control the minds of thousands.  
    Granting Wishes
    Freezing time for as long as the user wishes