• Diet

    • Primarily fruits and grass, however, Oxin very much love grains and seeds/nuts. 


      • Oxin usually range between a meter (Pygmy Oxin), and 3 meters tall. Their coat may extend the illusion of their height. 


    • Oxin lay eggs like other bird-like fauna. Unbeknownst to many, fertilized Oxin eggs can only incubate in extremely cold environments, which is why Oxin are seen so plentifully during winter. 


    • Specialty: Land/Magic
      Base Stats Wisdom 3 Logic 1

      Food: Logic +1
      Oxin Ginger Snacks

    Lore and Information

    • OxinAnatomy.png

      • General Lore
        Oxin are shy but large creatures usually found in snow or cold regions. Wild Oxin are incredibly rare most of the year due to their hibernation cycle, and only appear around November and December. Despite their size, Oxin are rather gentle and treat other creatures with respect. Wild Oxin love to snack on berries and roots they find. Oxin are well suited for any terrain and can dig exceptionally well, making them perfect companions for geologists and treasure hunters. Not only can Oxin dig, but they also have a strong sense of smell and can locate roots and organic matter up to 5 meters underground. 

        Oxin are known for their fast-growing horns that constantly require upkeep. Owners often carve meaningful etches into their horns that can represent the Oxin's heritage, history, name, or status. Wild Oxin can be observed to have horns almost as long as their bodies, however, they usually file their horns against trees and rocks to keep them light. These horns have one origin point on each side of the head, but can be carved to look like multiple horns.  

        Despite their size and calm temperate of that like a horse or elephant, Oxin have the same playful nature of a parrot. They love colours, bells, mirrors, puzzles and all sorts of toys. These creatures however are not well suited for battle and are a prime partner for more peaceful Elyxians. 


    Soul Lore

    • Oxin posses normal souls as per soul lore. 


    Traits and Anatomy


      Coat over the front half of the body. Does not need to be on the tail. 
      Scales on at least 20% of the back legs. 
      Some type of bird beak. 
      One set of horns.

      Can Add:
      Any style of organic horns.
      Any colours 
      Small wings on the main body
      Glowing Eyes or Markings.

      Old Oxin Anatomy

      These Oxin are no longer available to create with MYOs older than 20/12/2022



    • Below are the currently discovered purebred Oxin. 
      Tamed Commons sell 400, Uncommon 600, Rare 1000 and Mythic 2000AC.


      Distinguishable by their thick, striped patterns, Nudians are known for their shyness and agility.
      They make perfect companions for competitive obstacle courses.

      913-image.png 914-image.png 915-image.png


      Hiax are most known for their sparse spotted markings and gradient tails. 
      They generally come in shades of browns and whites. 

      916-image.png 917-image.png


      Casleons are known for their exceptional jumping abilities. 
      Usually found in freezing mountainsides, this breed of Oxin is perfect for mountain climbing. 

      918-image.png 919-image.png 

      • Pigmented

        These Oxin are distinguishable by their mostly one-toned coat colour.
        This may also affect eye, beak, organs and skin colour. 

        920-image.png 921-image.png 

        • Varae

          This species is most sought after for its spotted coat patterns that can form interesting shapes on their hide.
          Breeders commonly try to create Varae strains with unique patterns for breed shows. 

          925-image.png 922-image.png 923-image.png 924-image.png

          • Gospel

            Gospel Oxin are one of the most rare breeds in terms of breeding.
            Their hatchlings have a very high chance of becoming fully Albino or Melanistic. 
            It is considered the more spotted the Gospel is, the rarer they are. 



            Innue are used to guard Oxin herds and protect smaller animals.
            They have a fierce temperament, perfect for battle. 




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