• Diet

    • Uridae feast on the moss and plant life found in the upper levels of the Harrow.


    • Uridae reach sizes of bison, usually found from 5 meters long and 2-4 meters high. 


    • Uridae lay clutches of eggs, averaging from 30-100 eggs. These larvae are tended by the female until they are 3 months old.


    • Specialty: Land/Magic/Battle
      Base Stats Wisdom +1, Magic +2

      Food: Magic +1
      Uridae Honeycomb Bites

    Lore and Information

    • CyphonAnatomy.png

      Uridae [Uri-Day] can be found around the Harrow and feast mainly on the magic that infuses the plant life, using this substance to create a rare material called Panacea Honey. This honey is used in many medicinal practices for its ability to heal non-threatening wounds almost instantly and is also considered a delicacy in some districts. Uridae come in two distinct forms, male and female. Males have noticeable armour covering their backs, and at least one large horn on their forehead, however, this style and number may vary. Male Uridae are prized on their horns which continue to grow throughout their entire lives, sometimes requiring to be sanded back to avoid injuries inflicted on themselves. Male Uridae use these horns to compete with other males for the chance of being the Alpha of the pack. If a Uridae's horn breaks, they often abandon the herd or are shunned until they leave. There have been few cases of these Uridae making their own smaller herds with other shunned males. Female Uridae do not possess this armour, but are much more agile and active than their male counterparts. The females often tend to the nursery, and prepare honey and foods for their pack mates. While not as defensive as the males, female Uridae are considered more hostile and thus, dangerous. Possessing razor-sharp teeth, Uridae can inflict a nasty bite on any threats and have been depicted taking on creatures three times their own size. 


      Uridae in Civilisation
      Due to the many different traits of Uridae, they are often farmed for honey or bred for their genes. They are intelligent creatures, averaging the same intellect as dolphins. Uridae are considered rare, as they are only found in the wild around the Harrow. While often a cumbersome companion, Uridae make perfect partners for fighting and affliction-based Elyxians, as their honey can boost the effectiveness of one's magic. They may be quite slow compared to other available mounts, however, they are fearless and strong of heart, making them a loyal and grounded companion type.


    Soul Lore

    • Uridae are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.


    Traits and Anatomy

    • CyphonAnatomy.png

      Males:  Must have at least one horn on the forehead.
      Males:  Furless head.
      Males:  Must have insectiod wings and chitin to cover the wings.
      Females:  No Chitin plating/armour.
      At least 2 eyes of any sizes/shape. Any pupil.
      Some type of insect tail.
      At least 4 legs.
      No visible ears.
      Anatomy close to above.

      Can Add:
      Any chitin armour, or fully armoured.
      Males: Chitin appearing/mimicking metallic colours. Can be carved/ornamental.
      Fur anywhere on the body. 
      Up to 8 legs.
      Any colours.
      Insectoid Wings (Females)
      Any type of eyes on body.
      Glowing Eyes or Markings.

      Old Gen Uridae
      These Uridae are no longer available to create with MYOs older than 4/6/2022


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