Subtypes: Toku, Kackle, Defect (K)

  • Diet

    • Kikus are omnivores, and will most happily eat just about anything, even if it isn't edible when wearing their masks. When using their hidden mouths, they usually only feed on edible foods.


    • Kikus average from 1 meter tall to 1.5 meters tall on all fours and around average Aphex height standing (usually on the taller spectrum). 

      Comparable chart.


    • Kiku reproduce like Aphex and Dephx, and give birth to live young, in most cases only 1. These young are called Kekes, and are born with their unique mask already fully formed. These hatchlings are often loud and make small "Kii Kii" chirps.

    Lore and Information

    • KikuAnatomy.png

      General Lore
      Kikus supposedly originated from The Harrow, but now inhabit most of the earth's continents. Kikus are known for their distinct laugh, which almost sounds like a clock or bird. They are also known for their curiosity, especially towards human relics. They can survive in any environment, though if their mask is broken, their body will soon break afterward. Kikus are usually not seen as a threat, but mostly the "troublemaker" of the main sapient species. They are as intelligent as Aphex, however, seem to act more intensely on their emotions and can be unpredictable. While many intelligent species on Elyxium usually have a defined origin, Kikus have remained a mystery for thousands of years, stumping scientists. The only data we currently have is the existence of a high affliction presence in their bodies, and DNA almost identical to humans. Kikus can mimic almost any sound, and pick up languages surprisingly quickly. They are not seen as dangerous in Elyxium, but have been known to be a being to avoid when angered due to their unpredictable shape-shifting abilities. Kikus lack any eyes but can see the world around them effortlessly. The method for this sight is often associated with the magic in their bodies.

      Kikus have the ability to remove their masks from their heads without injury. If the Kiku wills the mask off, it can simply fall off, however, if they do not want to remove the mask, no amount of force will pull it off before it ultimately breaks. Underneath this mask is a large hidden mouth, deemed a Kiku's "true mouth". This mouth is directly linked to its internal anatomy and thus can only process edible foods while the mask can eat any substance and provide energy. Teeth style varies for these mouths but the forked flat tongue always remains. It has been observed that Kikus without their masks for an extended amount of time can suffer bouts of insanity or paranoia, and usually uncontrollably laugh in their signature style. Wearing their mask once more stops these ailments. A Kikus can not wear another Kiku's mask, it simply will not sit on the head. Once the mask is detached from a Kiku's skin, they lose the ability to manipulate its expression. A Kiku can physically survive without its mask, however, progression on their mental state will slowly deteriorate. 

      Kikus have impressive shape-shifting abilities. When shapeshifting, their mask always remains the same and their body can shift however the Kiku pleases.  Many say this ability is due to their masks being a living affliction, giving them this power. Kikus get along with other Elyxium species but are often considered a chaotic neutral, doing whatever amuses them at the time. Kikus can eat anything that fits in their mouths, and their mouths can contort to massive sizes to allow so. The mask is made of a smooth material, however, the exact composition is unknown though it is assumed to be a material like bone. Their mask is as strong as stone, but their mouths can contort the material to widen, making it flexible as well.  

      • All Kikus contain magic abilities from birth. Their power is based on how high their magic stat is.
        Kikus have the ability to shapeshift. Shapeshifting changes their form into other organic creatures, colours can change however their original mask will always remain the same (Including colour). The mask may grow/shrink depending on the creature they are shifting into. This is not shown on masterlists entries as official forms.

        0-5 Magic
        Can shapeshift into small creatures around and below the size of a large dog. 

        6-10 Magic
        Can shapeshift into anything horse-sized and smaller. 

        11-20 Magic
        Can shapeshift into anything elephant-sized and smaller. 

        21+ Magic
        Can shapeshift into anything Whale sized or smaller. 


    Soul Lore

    • Kikus are created and born with human souls that still wander the earth, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



    • Mask Traits

      Variation is allowed as long as it fits into its trait category, such as different styles of flat horns for the Large Horn mask, different ears for the Eared Masks etc.

    •  Teeth and Mouth Traits


      The teeth for each row should be 3-4 unless the reference pictures otherwise.

    • Body Mutations



    • Unique Body Types


      If body types are used, they must depict every aspect of the type, it can not splice the forms up (etc only giving 4 arms to a Kiku and not the elongated body/human hands).

    • For reference, below are the old trait sheets. Do not use these for future designs!
      Kiku Traits


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