How to Play

Hello and welcome to the word of Elyxium! We are a roleplaying art group focused on community evolvement and inspiring progression and lore-building with your characters. We have a range of activities, events, items, and much more to offer progression by playing the way you want. This basic guide will help you start off in Elyxium, but lore, advanced prompts, and quests are up to you to explore! We also hold regular events that can offer MYOs (Make your owns), items, money, game currency, adopts, and much more to reward you for your support.

  • How To Start

    To set up an account, you register on the top right! If your verification email doesn't go through (It can take a few minutes to an hour), please inform a moderator on Discord or DA and they can verify for you! Sometimes Hotmail and some Yahoo accounts block this email.
    Make sure to link your DA so you can be easily credited and referenced. If you come from another platform, it is best to make a DA account and link it even if you don't use it. (We cant change the code on that yet, sorry!)
    If you have currency and items from your DA Vault, you might want to inform a Mod so they can be credited! If you are starting anew it is not an issue.
    }We highly recommend setting up trackers either on Toyhouse or your character's profile to keep important info such as approved submissions and milestones so claiming awards is much easier! 

  • Submitting Artwork

    To submit artwork, make sure you are logged in and proceed to the submit button on the top right.
    You can only submit 3 general artworks a day, this means we do not accept batches of headshots, full bodies etc. It should be one submission per artwork.
    For normal art, just choose General Art. The other options are for prompts and quests, only choose them when entering those specific activities!
    For the submission URL field, include a link to your image. This could be from Discord, DA, Stash, Twitter, Toyhouse etc. Please do not attach a URL that needs a password or account to view. Do not link an image from an unknown domain that may be dangerous for our team to view, or the URL straight from your hard drive. 
    In the comment section, including the math to your AC/Xp. You can find out how to work out your earnings here. 
    To layout your workings to be easily read and checked, this is a good method-
    Base Colour +15
    Headshot +15
    Shading NONE +0
    Minimal Background +10

    This allows our team to check your artwork against our standards, and may help award you with the correct values if shading is hard to see, characters are blended into the background etc! Not adding your earnings run the risk of a Mod missing details or bonuses. 
    Once you have calculated your earnings, put them into the REWARDS field. General art only earns Aphex Coins and Experience Points and a Daily stamp!
    You can link characters if they are pictured in the Artwork, this is only important for bonuses, progressing relationships, and foraging. 
    Then just submit!
    Don't fret too much about the calculation. If there are errors we can fix them on our end!

  • Turning an item to a MYO

    If you bought a myo item you can easily turn them into slots by clicking on the item, checking the box and click turn into slot!
    Make sure to have the checkbox selected. 

  • Uploading your MYO

    If you have a MYO token in your account, you can submit it to be approved on the website. 
    Find your MYO on your account and click on it.
    Then Create a request. 
    Fill out the required fields.
    Add-ons is where you can add trait upgrades, afflictions, or anything to affect your character.
    Once you are done, click save. You can now submit your MYO for review.

  • Leveling Up

    When you draw your characters, you earn XP alongside coins. These can be used to level up your character and earn rewards. 
    If you click on your character and choose BANK on the left side, you can add XP to them. 
    Once you have reached a level tier you can then make a claim to level them up.
    To do this, go to the submit button at the right top and choose SUBMIT CLAIM.
    Link the character you are leveling up and which stat will be increased! You can also include the reward if you have reached a level that has one.

  • Unlocking Hatchling Age

    To unlock your Hatchlings age, you need to level them to level 3 to be able to submit a prompt to earn the item to unlock your hatchling.
    Once you have completed this prompt, please submit to the group with the title of - Childhood Memories (Prompt) and include a link to their masterlist.
    Once this has been approved, you will find this item in your inventory. To use it, make a claim with the item attached and a moderator will unlock the age.
    This item will be linked to the character you entered the prompt with. So you can only use this item on that specific character. 
    Age restrictions will be unlocked to allow your character to canonically age up. You can decide if you want to remake their masterlist image to represent their age, but this is not necessary, you can still draw their older or younger versions.

  • Character Edits

    There are many reasons why you may edit your character, such as adding afflictions, traits, updating their design etc.
    You can request to update their design from the UPDATE DESIGN panel on the bottom left of their page.
    When submitting a request, attach the required items and an updated masterlist image. 
    If you are adding a trait, do not remove the ones already there! Just add it to the list. 
    We allow redesigns without the aid of an item as long as they are not too drastic. They should clearly look like their past design.
    ! --- If you re-design your character, you can be rewarded with the traits you didn't use. These traits will become account bound and can be used on other characters. Please state you have an unused trait when submitting for approval. 

  • Companions

    If you buy a companion egg in the shop you can turn it into a MYO.
    To do this, open the item from the inventory and click on the check box then - turn into slot.
    This will turn it into a character myo slot, from there you can submit it for approval once the design is done!
    Companions all have a unique food to level up a particular stat. Make a claim with the item attached and companion in the URL section to get the stats added. Please note if they are already linked you will need to attach the main character that is linked so the companion's stat buff can also be translated to the Elyxian! 
    To link them to a character you need to link both and add the moonflower required. You can only attach a companion to one character and one character to a companion! 
    You can unlink them anytime, but to change the character linked you will need another moonflower! (You need to own the companion to link/unlink).

  • How to Craft

    Submit a claim and attach all the ingredients to craft the item you are after.
    Make sure to attach the item you want to craft under the reward section!
    You can view craftable items here

  • Claiming Badges

    You can claim badges to keep on your character's page. 
    If you meet the requirements for a badge, then you can submit a claim to have them placed on your characters' page. 
    To do this, submit a claim and link your character.
    Mention which badge you want to be added and any info to prove you can claim it. You may need to link artworks.