• Lore

    Kyrun are beings made of crystal and soul. They originate from large pieces of gems, many of which have originated from the mineral growth of an Elyxium species. Many speculate that the gems from a living creature are much more conductive than normal gems, which can attract and hold souls inside. Any soul of a creature can find it's way inside these gems, even the being who's mineral growth it previously belonged to. Left on their own these gems can not manifest, but when used during a specific time of year the souls can gain enough power to cast a form during a specific red moon summoning that falls on the last day of October. 

    If this ritual is performed correctly, the soul inside (if there was one) can turn into a Kyrun. Kyrun can retain all memories of their lives, however, the amount of time locked in the gem can make the memory hazy. Their form is a mix of the crystal and a smokey physical body. The smokey is quite vulnerable, but a Kyrun can not die unless their crystal is shattered or they are exorcised. If their body sustains too much damage, they will be locked in their gem to recover. Gems can come polished, ornate, raw, or even carved. 

    Traits and Anatomy

    Kyrun can come in any colour. Their gems (Can be a mix of two or more) must be reflected on their body. Every Kyrun has a main gem, which can usually float in their heat, chest, or anywhere they deem protected. Their smokey body can be any colour. They are often covered in whatever their main gem is made of, the amount reflects how powerful the Kyrun is. Their body can replicate fur, fins, wings, or any normal traits. They often have many eyes on their body. Smoke can be transparent or solid. 
    Kyrun can not have any magical traits deemed as afflictions naturally. 

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    When paired using a Moonflower, Kyrun grant their owner the following stats: 
    Wisdom +5

    When fed with Kyrun Incense, they gain +1 Wisdom (per snack), which is also granted to their paired Elyxian. 


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