• Diet

    • Kyrun feed on minerals such as gems, rocks, salt, metal and ore.


    • Kyrun average from 1.5m to 3m.


    • Kyrun can not reproduce and do not have genders. 


    • Specialty: Land/Magic
      Base Stats Wisdom 5

      Food: Wisdom +1
      Uridae Honeycomb Bites

    Lore and Information

    • CyphonAnatomy.png

      Kyrun [Que-Ren] are beings made of crystal and soul. They originate from large clusters of gems, many of which have originated from the mineral growth of an Elyxium species. After death, the minerals on Elyxium species continue to grow, and are the main origin of Kyrun gems. Many speculate that the gems from a living creature are much more conductive than normal gems, which can attract and hold soul fragments.

      Left on their own these gems can not manifest Kyrun, but when used during a specific time of year the soul fragments within can gain enough power to create a form during a specific red moon summoning that falls on the last day of October. If this ritual is performed correctly, the soul inside (if there was one) can turn into a Kyrun. Kyrun can retain some memories of their lives, however, the amount of time locked in the gem can make the memory hazy. Sometimes the souls within the gems may be fragments of many different spirits, which can make a Kyrun's memories disjointed. Their form is a mix of crystal and a smokey physical body. The smoke is quite vulnerable, but a Kyrun can not die unless their crystal is shattered or they are exorcised from the mineral. If their body sustains too much damage, they will be locked in their gem to recover. Gems can come polished, ornate, raw, or even carved.

      Kyrun are considered quite intelligent for a companion species, however, their intellect usually is a result of the souls they are created with. Souls from main specie Elyxians usually create smarter Kyrun, and souls from other companion species may result in similar intellectual abilities. Kyrun are also one of the rare quadrupedal species with the ability to talk.

      Kyrun in Civilisation
      Kyrun are both feared and worshipped by the inhabitants of Elyxium.
      On one hand, they are considered a mockery of one's true destiny, forced to hold a body they do not belong to instead of passing on to a new life. This is especially evident when Kyrun are created with soul fragments from intelligent species, however, it be difficult to specify what type of specie's soul resides inside a gem. Kyrun who show to have high intellect and the possibility of originating from a main species' soul is usually treated with respect. Those who show signs of normal companion-level intellect are usually trained and assigned or bought as per usual companion species standards. Due to the stigma surrounding Kyruns they are quite rare, and summoning one is illegal in many affliction-regulated districts. Souls are sacred to the land of Elyxium, and tampering with them in any form is generally frowned upon or prohibited.


    Soul Lore

    • Kyrun's can be made up of many soul fragments that were drawn to inhabit their gem. The more fragments inside results in larger forms.


    Traits and Anatomy


      One type of gem as physical skin covering most of the arms.
      ^ Same gem type as an origin point (can be concealed).
      Same anatomy as either reference above/ stocky or long.
      Smokey body

      Can Add:
      Any amount of eyes (must be no pupil)
      Fur anywhere on the body. 
      Any type of tail made of smoke
      Any colours (gem one type, can vary hues if gem allows).
      Any style teeth
      Glowing Eyes or Markings.
      Lips can be styled as per above

      Old Gen Kyrun
      These Kyrun are no longer available to create with MYOs older than 13/10/2022


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