• Diet

    • Lockeys are omnivores and love to eat anything they can find.



    • Lockeys can reproduce and do so such as Aphex. They usually lay around 10 eggs per conception which around 40% survive to hatch.

    Lore and Information

    • Lockeys (pronounced Lock-keys) are lanky small creatures, around the size of geckos to iguanas. They are distinguished by the keys attached to their tails and the keyhole in their chests. Despite their appearances, they still have all the normal organs, but the hole in their chest is more magical and links to their soul, rather than the inside of their chest. They have sticky pads on each foot, allowing them to walk on many surfaces without the risk of slipping, including ceilings.

      A Lockeys diet mostly consists of fruits and insects, however, they can still eat most processed foods in moderation. Lockeys are one of the few species originating from the Harrow's depths, many suggesting they were once normal geckos. In the present day, Lockeys are still considered rare, and due to their small size they will often hide from larger creatures. They are often sold as luxury pets.

      Lockeys are very intelligent, and while they can only speak in squeaks and chirps they can still somewhat understand their masters, most in body language and tone. When a being(/Master) and a Lockey grow a close bond, the Lockey will allow this being to use their key, which can be used to open the Lockey's personal realm or to be used on the keyhole in their chest. If used on the keyhole in the chest, the two will become "Soul Bound". Soul binding will only work if both parties consent and trust each other. Being soul bound means both parties can understand each other despite the language difference. They will feel each other's pain and mental states but can not directly read their minds. The only way to break this bond is if either party dies. Lockeys can only be bound to one being, while other beings can be bound to multiple Lockeys. 
      *It is noted that Lockeys can allow anyone into their portals. They dont need to be Soul Bound, which is more a commitment of trust and loyalty.

      Every Lockey has a personal realm they can travel to through portals they open with their keys. They can customize these portals until their heart is content, but anything inside these realms can not be taken back to Elyxium, only items from Elyxium can be moved back and forth. Many use Lockeys for this power to visit deceased love ones or to escape from their real life. While these realms can be peaceful and perfectly suited to the Lockeys master, spending too much time in these realms can cause the being's mind to slowly decay, causing them to believe that the Lockey's realm is the real reality. 
      Lockeys are not limited to one realm however, the more keys they hold will amount to the number of realms they can create. 3 is often the max amount a Lockey can handle. 



    Soul Lore

    • Lockeys are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



    • Species Sheet
      Basic Trait Sheet
      *There always needs to be two horns on the head. Style can be any type. These two horns need to be the same material as key and chest. Other horns/spikes is a trait. To have other horns/spikes be metal like the key is mineral growth**
      Keyhole can be any style.
      To have gems and other details on your keys, you will need mineral growth! This includes gold markings, gems, wax etc. 
      (Metals can only be one colour unless holographic etc)



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