VOIX (Licensed Open Specie Subtype)





  • VOIX will generally eat anything, but mostly enjoy meats.


  • VOIX average around the size of a medium-large dog.


  • VOIX reproduce like normal mammals and usually produce a litter of 2-4 pups.

Lore and Information

    • VOIX are creatures roughly around the size of medium to large dogs. They can not see so they use a type of echolocation to understand their immediate surroundings. Many VOIX are clumsy due to this and often trip over objects or bump into walls, however, they have tough skulls so they are never seriously injured. This species can survive independently in the wild or companions to Elyxians. Just like Aphex, VOIX were genetically created through the same methods that Aphex undertook. They were designed to be incredibly intelligent with the unique ability to replicate human speech as a method of retrieving sensitive information during the war. It wasn't long until some VOIX escaped into the wild where they quickly bred and soon almost rivaled the Aphex in numbers.  

      VOIX have a deep attachment to Aphex and vice versa. All VOIX contains a special ability of telepathic power which can only be used on Aphex that they have closely bonded with. They can only use this power to read the immediate speech process of an Aphex, and can translate that to words. This is almost considered an extension of the body for Aphex. It aids in communication and even a sense of prestige as the bond between the two species can be seen as difficult at best. An Aphex must bond with a VOIX that they feel expresses them, be it in appearance, voice, or attitude. VOIX can not speak on their own! They can create any feral sound, but they can not process words without the knowledge of an Aphex. 

      VOIX unlike Aphex need to feed. They enjoy a range of food types, however they do not eat plants! Fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds are fine however.  


Soul Lore

  • VOIX are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



  • Gen 2 Anatomy


    ^ Above is the new mutated anatomy for VOIX. They bear similar features as Gen 1's but have distinctly different legs, a smoother face and a different nose structure.

    • Gen 1 Anatomy

    Gen 1's have two toes on the back legs, and generally have longer front claws then Gen 2's. Gen 1's can also stick their tongue out from their nose holes.

    To abide by base cannon appearance rules they CAN have:
    Either Gen 1 OR Gen 2 anatomy.
    Any teeth style.
    Spikes on the tongue, or any type tounge.
    Fur, scales, hairless.
    Horns, wings (not capable of flight).
    Extra tails.
    1 extra head.
    Glowing Markings.
    Fur/scales on the head.

    To abide by base cannon appearance rules they can NOT have:
    Eyes anywhere.
    Extra legs.
    Drastically different anatomy as pictured above.
    Magical afflictions (without added items).

    You are of course free to change them however you'd like as a personal character, these are just basic guidelines for Elyxium lore (Licenses).



  • Availability lists the uses for this species! Open species are free to make, if you are not using this species for Elyxium lore you are free to use any traits you'd like.
    If you intend to use this species as a part of Elyxium, you can use a Specie License to add them to the masterlist as officially appoved. To be official, they need to abide by the above trait limitations.

  • ✔️ Open Species (50% AC. No XP)
    ✔️Licensed Species (Full Rewards)


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