Celebrating Artfight 2024!

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    Join us in celebrating and taking part in Artfight 2024! Our event will coincide with Artfight, meaning you can net yourself some neat rewards by drawing attacks and defenses that include Elyxium characters! We will try to keep this simple and sweet, so make sure you read the rules and guidelines. 



  • Rewards for this event fall into a point ladder! The AC from your Elyxium Artfight attacks/defenses will determine what rewards you can earn. This year points are based on your AC amount for each artwork (must have proof/link to the Artfight post). It does not include bonuses such as Clovers or item multipliers. Don't forget to include your gift art bonus in your total! You can make a claim to earn your rewards once you reach a tier! make sure to include your approved submissions in the comments. Please list the URL as "Artfight 2024" to allow easy classification when making claims.

    This ladder is accumulative of all your prompt's AC earnings for this Artfight event. For example, if your first artwork earns 150 AC, you can already claim the first 2 tiers of the ladder below. If you have submitted two 60 AC earning prompts, you can then unlock the 120 AC tier and rewards, etc.

  • Artfight Point Ladder (Total)


    Design Raffles for Tier 3



    120 Points = Shibow (E8) OR Shibow (E9)

    180 Points = Entry into the design raffle (Choose Seafoam or Stardust)

    220 Points
    300AC OR Second pet (Choice)


    300 Points = A Gift Of (Pick)
    400 Points = Entry into the design raffle (Choose Seafoam or Stardust)

    550 Points
    = 10 Shards




  • Submit your entries under the Prompt Artfight 2024. Cap of two submissions a day for this event.
    We recommend submitting your highest-earning AC artworks.
    Points that contribute to the above ladder are only for Elyxium characters. Backgrounds will count towards this tally, but non-elyxium characters in the image do not. Please be mindful of this if you create a mixed-world artwork.
    The specific end date is listed on the prompt page. This deadline is a few days after the end of Artfight.
    Make a claim with your approved submissions to earn your prizes once you reach a milestone! You can only earn 1 of every tier as you move up the ladder. (Like the XP Ladder!)
    You will need to submit your artwork to Artfight BEFORE you submit a prompt here so we can verify it has been used in Artfight.
    For those who do not want to join Artfight: We understand some users do not wish to join the website but still want to participate in this event. This can be done so by drawing gift art for others as your entries (explicitly mention this so we do not expect an AF link). You can browse characters that allow gift art on the Aphex Collective website.
    Don't forget, to have fun and share the giving spirit!

    Submit 1 attack/defense per prompt
    To make your submissions easier and to ensure you don't forget anything, follow the below form and steps!
    Url: This will be direct to the Artfight artwork page of your attack/defense! Etc https://artfight.net/attack/ (Unique link here)
    Comment section: Make sure to include your Ac workings (Feel free to also include the total amount of the past works as well for an easier time claiming prizes!)