• Normal Aphex do not eat. They have remnants of a stomach, so those with mouths can still consume nutrition to survive. Aphex rely on energy from the sun to power their body akin to photosynthesis. Their skin also has the ability to absorb water to keep their bodies hydrated.


    • Aphex can range drastically in height. Normal Aphex heights range from 1 meter to 2 meters high on average. 

      Height Chart for Aphex.


    • Aphex reproduce like other mammals. Aphex have concealed reproductive organs, making sexing an Aphex not an easy task. Aphex produce large eggs, usually one per conception, but on rare occasions, they can have twins. Eggs are commonly a size that could hold a human baby as baby Aphex are the same size.  

    Lore and Information

    • Aphex (pronounced apex) are lanky, humanoid creatures that have inhabited the world after the extinction of the human race in 2062. The species was first
      synthetically created by humans around 1900-2000, however, after the downfall of the human race, they have evolved to become the dominant species of the new world which includes the prominence of their own society, languages, and religions. Aphex are the most commonly found species of Elyxium and run most of the districts and laws.

    • Aphex were first created to become a bio-weapon for war. An intelligent soldier that requires no food and can work for days on end. Aphex have no mouths, and instead to communicate, speak with their hands in a sort of sign language, and writing which can often be compared to hieroglyphics or simply English. They can not talk but can create a sharp clicking sound in their throat, attracting the attention of others so they can speak with their hands. Aphex can also create much more sophisticated sounds using their throat due to a remnant of a tongue.

      Aphex gain nutrients from the sun instead of eating, like plants or reptiles. They can last quite a while if they spend a day "charging up" which means many of this species can survive underground for weeks on end. Aphex do however need to absorb water through their skin from time to time. They can also absorb other liquids which make toxins and poisons very effective on contact.


    Soul Lore

    • Aphex are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



    • Height Sheet
      Basic Trait Sheet
      Bonus Pack #1

      Fae Body Type (Legend Trait)
      Brute Body Type (Legend Trait)
      Body types are a new addition to mutations. Unlike subspecies, these act like normal mutated genes, causing a different body structure. The colour of these body types are the trait they are under to be unlocked. You can not have more than one body type mutation on your Aphex. These body mutations are also removed/become null when turning your Aphex into a subspecies (Its best to use the slot for a different trait!).



    • Aphex anatomy closely relates to human anatomy with a few distinctive changes! Aphex are genetically created to be difficult to kill and easy to thrive. They absorb liquids through their skins which is carried to their organs to be processed. Aphex contain specialized "veins" that carry the liquid to the organs like the roots of a tree. Liquids could also enter through the nose. Aphex also require sunlight to survive. This is also absorbed through the skin and is immediately spread through the bloodstream to the body. Aphex must breathe air to survive, and shares the same lung capacity as humans.   

      As mentioned above, their needs are drastically basic in order to survive harsh conditions. Genetically, Aphex have been created with skulls of dense bone, making them the hardest bone in the entire body. Unlike most of their bones, the skull is not lightweight and is instead designed to protect the brain.  Aphex skulls can withstand the most common bullets and high falls. Another survival alteration is an Aphex's heart. It has been moved to avoid correlation with human anatomy.  When in battle, soldiers were trained to aim at the vitals, where Aphex soon had the upper hand against these techniques. If any vitals were damaged (and to a small degree) they could heal naturally without the aid of professional care. Aphex are not entirely invincible, however. Drastic damage to their body, poisons, and damage to the brain and heart can easily kill an Aphex.

      Aphex have no mouths. This feature was integrated into Aphex to keep them silent for their main purpose, a soldier bioweapon. 

    • Voices

      It is quite common to find an Aphex wearing one of these collars. Old gen collars (left) were created during the later half of Aphex domestication. They can pick up on Aphex clicks, vibrations, and whistles to create words. After the collapse of man-kind, Aphex still used these devices to communicate with others. There are two types of these collars. Affliction created (New gen), and man-made (Old Gen). You can tell the difference by their center pieces. Old gen collars are made with complicated circuitry and can only be replicated by Nadires. New gen collars are much easier to come by. They use a gem which can transfer a Aphex's thoughts to words. Some consider this hazardous as it may pick up on things the Aphex doesn't intend to say, which is why old gen collars are more sought after. 

    • Drinks


      Lacking mouths made it difficult for Aphex to drink like other species, well now no longer!
      Most advanced districts have specialized products to cater to the mouthless species, which come in a range of styles and flavors. This product is often referred to as "squeezies" but many other types of brands exist, such as bland names as "hydration packs". Normally, these are applied to cups to allow all species to drink from the same vessel, which when squeezed with a little force expels its contents in small doses like condensation. Other products specifically for Aphex also exist, such as ball squeezies, and other cute and interesting shapes and designs. A commonly seen design is the normal square shape, that is secured to the arm to be absorbed over an hour or so. The company that specifically produces the squeezie brand fills these backs with fun and interesting liquid flavor infusers, often seen as candies, fruits and objects.

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