Subtypes: Houndling

  • Diet

    • Shingalings generally do not like to eat but can absorb light substances like pollen, magic, and liquids. 



    • Shingalings can not reproduce.

    Lore and Information

    • Shingalings are considered a sub-breed of Toto. They are the same type of wandering spirit, looking for a host but Shingalings often do not hold a need to return to an unfinished task. The biggest difference is Shingalings can be created easily, unlike the totems of Totos. Shingalings are generally much weaker than Totos, and are more common, making it easier for them to be created and to possess the dolls. They can speak, but do not generally like to eat as it exposes their soul; a small metal sphere in their mouth. If this ball is broken, they can not possess the doll any longer.  These small imps can float up to a meter, but do not hold any other natural abilities. 

      Every Shingaling creates a gentle ringing from their souls rattling in their heads. This usually instills the emotion that the imp is feeling or the nature of the imp. If an imp is sad, its ringing can cause sadness in others. Shingalings are mischievous, their purpose in the world unknown but they tend to emotionally aid their creators and can help in small tasks. They like to comfort others. Being around the size of a mouse to a pigeon they can only do easy tasks. 



    Soul Lore

    • Shingalings are created with a soul that was wandering the earth. This soul is released upon death as per normal or is taken to Alure by a Cyphon when they choose to pass on.




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