Subtypes: Houndling

  • Diet

    • Shingalings generally do not like to eat but can absorb light substances like pollen, magic, and liquids. 


    • Shingalings are very tiny, around the size of a normal human hand in their doll form, and around Toto size in their imp form.

      Comparable Height Sheet


    • Shingalings can not reproduce naturally and are only created synthetically.

    Lore and Information

    • ShingalingAnatomy.jpg

      Shingalings are considered a sister breed to Totos among the residents of Elyxium. They are the same type of wandering spirit inhabiting a vessel, though the primary difference being Shingalings are far weaker and usually possess a much more intense personality. Shingalings can be created easily, unlike the totems of Totos that are presumably only made by one deity. Shingalings are generally much weaker than Totos, and are more common, making it easier for them to be created and to possess the dolls. Shingalings can speak and possess moderate intelligence, however, it's most common for Shingalings to act on their strong emotions, branding them as the "imps" of Elyxium's sentient species. They love to collect items that they feel a strong bond to, usually a symbol from their past life, or are naturally fascinated by otherwise ordinary experiences. Every Shingaling creates a gentle ringing from the bead rattling in their heads. This usually instills the emotion that the imp is feeling or the specific nature of the Shingaling. If a Shingal is sad, its ringing can cause an influence of sadness in others. 

      Shingalings are immortal if their fabric bodies are constantly restored. If their bead is broken, they lose their connection with the vessel and it becomes a doll once more. Shingalings can survive devastating blows as long as their bell and bead remain intact. This makes them good survivalists but terrible physical fighters. Shingalings often are more suited for roles such as counselors, travelers, thieves, companions, shrine protectors, and affliction studies. 

      As mentioned, Shingalings are far more common than Totos, and are possible to create with enough skill. Shingaling dolls require key features to become a suitable vessel for a soul; They must be made of fabrics filled with wool spun of crystal, usually rainbow quartz. The bead in their bell must also be a pure type of crystal and is usually polished or cut. A ritual is required to activate a Shingaling doll, and usually requires salt, candles, and an item of importance to draw a spirit in. Spirits who possess Shingaling dolls can sometimes remember their past life but many have foggy recollections of who they once were. Not every ritual may summon a playful soul, however. Shingaling rituals conducted in places of sorrow, or by an ill-willed summoner can draw in evil spirits to the doll. 

      There are many reasons Elyxians may create Shingalings. Companionship, servants, the grief of a lost one, and aid may all sway a being to conduct such a risky summon. Shingalings are, for the most part, a widely used practice to attempt to resurrect a loved one from a recent death, with varying results of success. 

      Shingalings can have two forms, often referred to as the "imp form" (larger), and the "doll" form (smaller). The doll form is the Shingalings most exaggerated personality and can hover and sneak into smaller spaces. Their bell is higher pitched and their arms are longer than the base body. The Imp form is more reserved, and talking in this form is much easier for a Shingaling. Their arms are shorter and fit a more anatomically-normal size.  Their bells ring softer, but their emotional aura is far stronger. 




    Soul Lore

    • Shingalings are created with a soul that was wandering the earth. This soul is released upon death as per normal or is taken to Alure by a Cyphon when they choose to pass on.



    • Head and Tail Traits

      Shingalings MUST have a bead in their bell. Their tails can not be made of flesh. It must be a mix of rope/fur with optional accessories. Knots and rope bands are common. For tail examples, the purple only marks where a trait is being used, this does not represent these tails as being all god traits. 
      Beads and bell shapes can be combined with other traits of the same type. 

    • Body Mutations

      *Editor Note: Any normal ears are optional to add as a common trait (1 pair). 

      As shown in the main reference, Shingalings can have two forms. Either can be the pictured masterlist image, on the same image, or submitted separately. Having both forms is common and can both be drawn as it is canonical for Shingalings to often switch between the two. The two forms MUST appear the same, traits and colours. Only minor differences between the two are allowed (horn length, fur length etc). Since both forms should look the same, you can draw either if only one is approved on the masterlist. 
      To have a unique second form an Alert Affliction is needed. 

    • For reference, below are the old trait sheets. Do not use these for future designs!



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