• Lore

    Nektahusks are large creatures made of dead bodies and slime-like nectar. They are mostly recognized by their vibrant and sweet-smelling liquid in which they use to lure insects to land on their skin. Once an insect touches the slime surface they become stuck and are slowly dissolved into nutrition for the Nekta.  Nektahusk slime is edible for large creatures and is often used to replace honey and syrup ingredients. 

    Nektahusks come in a large array of appearances. Starting off as a small slime parasite, the Nekta worm will find a dead host and claim it as its host. They then undergo a transformation that takes around a month in which the dead body will be entirely wrapped in a hard shell casing by the worm as it transforms into the Nektahusk. While the dead body is usually any organic creature, the anatomy will still change to that of the Nektahusk species but mostly keep most or some of the bone structure of the host. Mostly the host's skull will always remain. The parasite can be found residing inside the skull which explains the host's ability of sight even when the eyes have long been lost. They no longer hold any organs, the slime can absorb nutrition directly from the dissolved insects that land upon it. 

    Nektahusks are generally quite docile, even playful to those who pose no harm. They enjoy company and are found to be easy to train if they are fed regularly. Their slime can be harvested without hurting the parasite. Despite looking quite eerie, Nektahusks pose little to no threat as their host's body is quite fragile and does not contain much strength to fight. The slime's ability to dissolve is also very minimal, meaning that items can be kept safely in the slime without any damage to its form. 

    Traits and Anatomy

    Nektahusks can come in any colour. Their slime can hold any sort of shapes like ears, horns and wings etc. The skull can also be any type as well as having horns and strange bone structure. There can only be a skull in the slime or a full skeleton but always must keep the skull. The front legs should be encased in skin, though this can also reach the back legs as well, tail and neck/head always must be slime. Skin can have fur. Slime itself can have any colour and markings and also hold objects. The paws must keep its shape but can have claws added.

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    Specialty: Land/Magic/Water


    When paired using a Moonflower, Nekta grant their owner the following stats: 
    Agility +6

    When fed with Monarch Butterflies, they gain +1 Agility(per snack), which is also granted to their paired Elyxian. 


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