• Diet

    • Due to living exclusively in caves, Syron have a diet consisting of bugs and sometimes fish. They find it easy to find insects and can eat up to half a kilo a day.


    • Syron reach between a meter to 2 meters tall! They usually hunch over, making them appear much smaller than their true height.


    • Syron produce tadpoles in the hundreds that dwell in underwater caves for up to 3 years before they grow the limbs necessary to leave the water. 


    • Specialty: Land/Water
      Base Stats: 5 Strength

      Food Needed:
      Syron Bugbites
      Increased strength +1

    Lore and Information

    • Syron are blind, loud creatures often found in caves or dark waters. While they can not swim well, Syron love water and often fall fast asleep the shallows. They can swallow large amounts of liquid and shoot it back, possibly reaching the speed of a bullet. Syron are completely blind. Their faces are covered in very fine whiskers, allowing them to feel around with ease and can pick up slight vibrations in the air. Syron do have ears, however, their hearing is very sensitive and loud sounds can panic them. Syron are in fact, a type of amphibian, explaining their affinity to water. Syron have soft squishy scales down their chest and abdomen. If these scales ever dry out, they will become sick and die. 


    Soul Lore

    • Syron are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.




      Syrons come in a huge variety of palettes and patterns, however their gums and scales always match. 
      They always have soft scales running down their chest and stomach, these scales can also appear on other body parts on occasion.
      The following may be added to any Syron: glowing markings, short or longer furry tail, different style scales, any type of teeth or ears, and different whiskers. 
      Cahri should not possess anything magical including hovering symbols, or unnatural traits like additional limbs, eyes, horns, drastically altered anatomy, etc. 

      When making your normal Syron, you can add/alter the following to the anatomy of the above.



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