Rot Fiend (Licensed Open Specie Subtype)

Rot Fiends (Warning)

  • ❗ This species contains themes of gore, violence, and unnerving rituals and traits. Please do not read this page if you are squirmish to body horror. ❗




  • Rot Fiends diet mostly consists of live meat, but they can eat any edible foods.


  • Rot fiends are usually around Aphex-Xeode height but can be seen to be around the smaller end of Aphex.


  • Rot Fiends are parasitic in nature and do not have genders. They reproduce by laying eggs in living beings. These eggs slowly take over the host and turn them into a Rot Fiend.

Lore and Information

  • Rot Fiends are a parasitic species belonging to a large colony called The Rot. The Rot consists of many different variations of parasitic species, all sharing a similar hivemind. The Rot is considered one of the biggest threats to the residents of Elyxium. Rot Fiends are one of the most intelligent and common species in this colony of parasites. (More on The Rot TBA)

  • Rot Fiends are large humanoid parasitic creatures of flesh and bone. The hosts these parasites have infected are so far mutated that they no longer appear like the original species, and there is often no way to identify its previous form. Rot Fiends are aggressive predators that feed on any live prey they can capture in their large claw-like arms. Once caught, Rot Fiends will "hug" its prey against the exposed chest, where acid eats away at the animal unless it is reduced to nothing. Due to this process, Rot Fiends are universally feared for their lack of empathy when hunting and eating.

    While Rot Fiends appear as cold-hearted parasites to most Elyxians, they are very intelligent and have many rituals and social structures not often documented by outside entities. As mentioned, Rot Fiends share a hivemind with their colony. This hivemind is a weak urge to protect the hive they reside in and allows any residents of the Rot to sense another's presence. This helps hive mates to avoid accidentally hunting eachother in the dark, or hunting newly turned hosts. 

    Rot Fiends lack any eyes as most in the Rot do. Living deep underground they lose the need to have eyes and have instead attuned to sound and vibrations in the ground. Rot Fiends have their own language, which is similar to the chatter of insects or birds, but the Fiends can still speak Elyxian or English.  

    While Rot Fiends belong to the extensive colony of The Rot, there have still been noted instances of a Rot Fiend leaving their hive and acclimatizing to life alongside Elyxians. This is incredibly rare, and often Rot Fiends are driven away or killed if they are found on the surface due to the stigma they carry. 
      Rot Fiends have no eyes since they are attuned to living in pitch blackness. They can smell extremely well and can pick up on the slightest of changes in the air. They use this information to create a heatmap of the area around them, prey or hot surfaces showing as red, and cool areas are blue. This inhibits the ability of Fiends to hunt during hot days, which is why they mainly hunt at night or in cold and dark areas.


Soul Lore

  • Rot Fiends are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



  • Rotfiend2.png

    Rot Fiends can have any style of acidic glands on the chest, and usually have one or two pairs of arms. These acidic glands can also be on the palms and underside of the arms, and as any style on the chest as long as the section is large enough to devour prey (like above). Acidic glands should appear like gel, muscle or a shiny wet surface, 

    To abide by base cannon appearance rules they CAN have:
    Fur of any style or no fur.
    Two or one pair of arms.
    Horns, wings, scales, extra tails, feathers, glowing markings.
    Thinner or more stylized body.
    Any style of teeth.
    Any normal tongue. 
    Any type of natural tail.
    Any lip shape.

    To abide by base cannon appearance rules they can NOT have:
    Eyes anywhere.
    No acidic glands.
    Drastically different anatomy as pictured above.
    Magical afflictions (without added items).

    You are of course free to change them however you'd like as a personal character, these are just basic guidelines for Elyxium lore (Licenses).



  • Availability lists the uses for this species! Open species are free to make, if you are not using this species for Elyxium lore you are free to use any traits you'd like.
    If you intend to use this species as a part of Elyxium, you can use a Specie License to add them to the masterlist as officially appoved. To be official, they need to abide by the above trait limitations.

  • ✔️ Open Species (50% AC. No XP)
    ✔️Licensed Species (Full Rewards)


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