Welcome to Companion Training


Here you will learn how to grow a strong bond with your companion while also strengthening both your trust and bodies! There is much more to companion than just looks and power. Insides lies an intelligent creature that respects and admires you, so it's up to you to return the loyalty! 

First Contact


Draw your linked companion and main character meeting for the first time. This task is open-ended and allows you to be creative with the means of how the two meet! This can be the main character raising their companion from an egg, meeting them in the wild or saving them, and more!


Specific fruit for your companion x1
Rare Token

Building Trust


Before any friendship can begin there must be a sense of trust. Depict a situation where your companion and character have gained trust through an experience or situation. Examples can be of the following:

  • Trust fall exercises
  • Saving the other from a threat
  • Bonding experiences
  • Feeding/Helping the other
  • Much more!


Specific fruit for your companion x1
Amulet of the Moonflower

Make or Break



There comes a time when a true show of trust will push both your character and their companion to the limits. These scenarios will make or break relationships. Draw your characters in a stressful or lethal situation that requires the two to work together or rely on one another.
Examples can be of the following:

  • Under attack from an enemy
  • Dealing with tragedy/loss
  • Survival situation
  • Falling in a trap
  • And much more!


Specific fruit for your companion x1
Companion Mutation
Legend Token



The characters depicted in the artwork must already be linked.
You can only complete each task once per companion. They must be done in order.
Comic form is fine as long as it meets requirements.
At least a scenic background of any kind, flat coloured and fullbody. 
You must draw the entries for the artworks. You only need to own the linked Companion if someone else owns the main Elyxian.
If literature must be at least 1000 words for each task.
Can not be combined with other prompts.
When submitting your prompt, you must have both characters used linked either in the comment section or drop-down bar so the task can be recorded.
Must be submitted to the Companion Training prompt and list which trial it is being submitted for (for record purposes). 

Achievement Section

The following will be added to the companion after a training submission has been approved.


Completed the First Contact trial. 
Completed the Building Trust trial.
Completed the Make or Break trial.