Reptilian | 3-5 Meters long | 1-2 Meters tall | Uncommon | Bah-sin

  • Bhasin are nocturnal reptiles, often found around caves or mountains globally. They possess fingers that can stick to flat surfaces, thus making them agile climbers. They are covered in an armored frill that is both used for protection and to make themselves appear bigger to scare off possible threats. Their tails serve a similar purpose but can be dropped when the Bhasin feels threatened. Moments after their tail has been dropped, compressed air inside a special muscle called the Verus, suddenly releases, causing a small explosion in a 4x4m radius. Any unsuspecting threats in this radius can suffer from concussions and blunt force trauma, along with injuries caused by the projectiles (quills) from its tail that can reach a much further radius. Typically Bhasin do not release their tails unless they feel extremely threatened. This tail will grow back in around 4 months.

    Bhasin are not typically dangerous and will often avoid confrontation. They feast on smaller mammals and reptiles, and in some cases even fish from shallow water. They are ambush predators, using their camouflaged coat and soft padded feet to silently sneak up onto unsuspecting prey.