Lurker (Licensed Open Specie Subtype)





  • Lurkers usually have a diet of insects, bird,s and mostly aquatic animals.


  • Lurkers usually average the same height as Aphex, some reaching a few feet taller than the average. 5ft-8ft.


  • Lurkers reproduce like normal reptiles, laying a clutch of around 5-10 eggs that appear like large roe. It is estimated that 50% of these eggs usually hatch.

Lore and Information

  • There have been accounts depicting lone mutated Syrons wandering around caves and dark dwellings. In recent times it is documented that tribes of these Lukers have developed in remote coastal areas, located at least 20-50 meters under sea level. These beings show high intelligence, and when found in developed areas have been shown to possess unique culture and traditions. Some have even described cases where Lurkers have spoken in the English tongue and attempted to survive among the main species. Lurkers are semi-aquatic and can live on land or in water. Their skin absorbed oxygen through the water, however, above water they require the use of their lunge to breathe. Depending on the location and parents of the Lurker, they may develop more fins or fur depending on the environment and survivability of their habitat. Some Lurkers even survive in the depths of fresh water caves, using their sensitive feelers to seamlessly navigate the tight tunnels.

    Lone Lurkers are rare, but in most cases, they do not appear aggressive. They prefer to eat bugs and small rodents but are also capable of eating normal foods and often love sweet delicacies.  Many Lurkers appear quite affectionate around those that offer them shelter or food. Many have no concept of personal space or normal etiquette and may act "out of line" when expressing their emotions. 

    It has been recently discovered that Lurkers have 4 distinct settlements around Elyxium, where their culture has thrived for thousands of years unnoticed by the public eye. Each settlement is as follows; The Kuhra dynasty located outside Ashborne, the Su'rin dynasty located at Silkglow, the Arack dynasty located outside The Sinkhole, and finally the Vyleon dynasty located below Feisha. Each settlement has a unique culture but shares similar practices. It is unknown how these tribes communicate, but it is deemed that mostly all the tribes do not share good relations. Each tribe possesses an underwater shrine, and each is allocated an oracle. This oracle is always of female descent, usually the firstborn female of the previous oracle. Males deemed worthy by the tribe are to live at their tribe's shrine and spend their lives training to become sentinels. Once worthy, each candidate is inscribed a crest of their tribe on their chest, this crest is infused with a metal depending on the achievements of the sentinel. 

    Black tattoo = Basic/fresh Sentinel.
    Copper Ink = Completed the Trials of the Deep. 
    Silver Ink = Has served 1 or more masters successfully. 
    Gold Ink = has completed all the above, served at least 3 masters, and has been chosen by the oracle.  

    These tribes create and train their sentinel Lurkers with the intention to be known as the best Lurker dynasty, their soldiers an extension of their culture's quality. Thus they have extreme training practices and put their potential sentinels through rigorous trials to prove their worth and strength. Some have even correlated their trails as resembling Rhakin culture. Once at least Copper rank, sentinels are then sold or auctioned to wealthy Elyxians as private soldiers. If these sentinels fail their duty or disrespect their tribe, they are executed or punished harshly, almost always including a public removal of rank.

    The four tribes are heavily religious and believe in serving the same single god, Niesha. Presumably, each oracle chosen for their shrine has the ability to communicate with the celestial god. Offerings of gold and pearls are left at the seashore, and if these gifts have disappeared by the next dawn it is assumed they have been accepted by the god. 


Soul Lore

  • Lurkers are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



  • A Lurker's body can change drastically in appearance but often shows the same features. All Lurkers have feelers on their body that pick up light and sound in their environment, mostly when sleeping or in pitch black. Their chest always has at least one eye in the center, but eyes can be found on the end of their feelers. Some Lurkers still have the soft scales on their body, but this isn't always present. They have three toes on each limb which is usually soft and textured. They can be furred or smooth-skinned, and tails can vary drastically. Teeth also can vary in style but the anatomy remains consistent. Lurkers often range between 5ft-8ft tall when standing.

    To abide by cannon appearance rules they CAN have:
    Fur of any style.
    Any style feelers.
    At least one eye on the chest and optional eyes on the feelers.
    Horns, wings, scales, extra arms, tails or heads, feathers, glowing markings.
    Soft scales on their skin.
    Gills. Any type of fins.
    Any style teeth.
    Any type of natural or finned tail.

    To abide by cannon appearance rules they can NOT have:
    Eyes any other places than the chest/end of feelers.
    No feelers.
    No gel stomach.
    Drastically different anatomy as pictured above.
    Magical afflictions (without added items).

    You are of course free to change them however you'd like as a personal character, these are just basic guidelines for Elyxium lore (Licenses).



  • Availability lists the uses for this species! Open species are free to make, if you are not using this species for Elyxium lore you are free to use any traits you'd like.
    If you intend to use this species as a part of Elyxium, you can use a Specie License to add them to the masterlist as officially appoved. To be official, they need to abide by the above trait limitations.

    If you have a Syron myo, you can upload a Lurker form as the default form along as it follows the rule above with appearance restrictions. Syron forms can then be added anytime.

  • ✔️ Open Species (50% AC. No XP)
    ✔️Licensed Species (Full Rewards)



  • Below are official bases you can use. Please abide by the rules when using these bases!
    Credit the artist for the base.
    Do not distribute. Only link to this page. 
    AC/XP reduction for base use (See Calculator).
    Some bases may not be used for commissions or adopts as requested by the artist.
    Bases that can not be used for profit are marked with a

  • Artist: Cryptickoi



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