Mammal | 3-5 Meters long | 2-3 Meters tall | Rare | Rye-Hog

  • Rihog are generally considered a very close subspecies to the average hippo. While they bare the noticeable traits, Rihog are a much deadlier species. Usually larger than an average hippo, Rihog possess a brightly saturated coat of varying colours. They have thick hides lined with soft bumps, mostly used for removing algae from their herd mates. Their skin is covered with a layer of mucus to retain their hydration when away from bodies of water and to repel parasites and other harmful organisms. Rihogs live in deep bodies of water, usually swamps or marshes where there is a steady supply of vegetation and algae. They are not found in salt-water locations. Their most commonly known locations are the swamps above the Harrow, and west of Easthaven though they can be found anywhere in tropical climates.

    The most noticeable feature of Rihogs are their outward-facing tusks. Not only are these tusks dangerous in their own right, with the ability to cleanly cut through flesh or lethally puncture large threats, it also possesses a harmful toxin. Unique to this mammal, the Rihog has a poison that causes severe pain in the victim's body. If the injury from their tusks are not enough to repel larger beasts, then this toxin surely makes them consider twice.