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    The Quest Hub has a collection of text-based, art-based and game-based activities to further explore the world of Elyxium. 
    Some stories are based on existing NPCs and their journies, while others will revolve around your characters.
    Limited-time quests will expire after the close date and will no longer accept submissions. 
    The collection category is permanent and you can complete these quests at any time.
    If a text adventure only allows one entry you are still free to replay as much as you'd like to view all the possibilities!
    We recommend submitting your first run as this may be most authentic to your character or NPC. 
    Please be mindful that most of our stories are intended for a mature audience. This means they may contain gore, graphic content, swearing, and mention of illicit items. 

    To claim rewards for finishing these quests, you must make a prompt submission, and attach the artwork or results page.
    For written works, they must be 800+ words, and artworks must be at least halfbody+, full colour and some sort of background. 
    When completing text-based quests, they will conclude on a results page. Simply save this page and apply it to your submissions as proof.


Limited-Time Quests 

  • Poachers Pandemonium!


    The Poaching camp in ruins, the Bhasin freed and the poachers sent running with their tails between their legs, it was a victory for what's right... or so it was thought, the heroic actions of the Elyxians have drawn the attention and the Ire of their leader; a greedy and cruel Kiku by the name of Fulgrim. After hearing of the interference with his 'business', Fulgrim is not impressed with the audacity of these heroes and has retaliated. All the towns surrounding YellowSeed near and far have received word that Fulgrim is making his biggest shipment of poached goods in the coming months. If he succeeds, His illegally hunted goods will be spread and sold all over Elyxium. He must be stopped, Any who holds kindness in their hearts and courage in their soul, strike the warehouse at the YellowSeed docks. Free as many of the captured fauna as you can! Destroy his poached goods! Bring down his guild members! it will be dangerous and Fulgrim will be expecting you, as if he is daring anyone to try and interrupt his business again. show him that his Gambit won't turn out the way he's hoping.
    POACHER PANDEMONIUM: Draw your Elyxian Breaking into Fulgrims warehouse and Putting a stop to his Biggest Shipment. Examples include:

    • Freeing Captured Fauna.
    • Fighting or restraining Members of Fulgrim's guild.
    • Throwing poached goods(Pelts, Tusks/Ivory, Traps, Weapons) into the ocean.

    A Pandemonium crate!
    (This crate has both of the pygmy types from the last 2 quests as well as a new type of pygmy!)


    You can submit a prompt 3 times a day
    Artworks must be at least a half body, fully coloured and polished(sketchy styles are okay.) and must include at least 1 Poacher (alive/K.O/Dead) or Fauna(pets included), with a simple scenic background that depicts Fulgrims Warehouse(including the forested area outside his warehouse), Dock or The Poachers shipment.
    -Fauna and Poachers earn full ac/xp
    Written works are to be at least 950 words.

    Poacher Pandemonium Submissions CAN be paired with ArtFight submissions.

    For Fulgrims Reference you can visit his NPC page here:

    The Pelt Baron

    This time around, we have included some extra rewards that can be earned through dedication to the quest, a little something for those who want to go the extra mile.

    after 4 Submissions: Exotic Pygmy #1: 1002-image.png

    after 7 Submissions: Exotic Pygmy #2:1003-image.png

    after 10 Submissions: Exotic Pygmy #3:1004-image.png

    To receive each extra reward, submit a claim with links to the required amount of Submissions

    Closes 8th of August
    Submit under the Poachers Pandemonium prompt