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  • How to Use
    The Quest Hub has a collection of text-based, art-based and game-based activities to further explore the world of Elyxium. 
    Some stories are based on existing NPCs and their journies, while others will revolve around your characters.
    Limited-time quests will expire after the close date and will no longer accept submissions. 
    The collection category is permanent and you can complete these quests at any time.
    If a text adventure only allows one entry you are still free to replay as much as you'd like to view all the possibilities!
    We recommend submitting your first run as this may be most authentic to your character or NPC. 
    Please be mindful that most of our stories are intended for a mature audience. This means they may contain gore, graphic content, swearing, and mention of illicit items. 

    To claim rewards for finishing these quests, you must make a prompt submission, and attach the artwork or results page.
    For written works, they must be 800+ words, and artworks must be at least halfbody+, full colour and some sort of background. 
    When completing text-based quests, they will conclude on a results page. Simply save this page and apply it to your submissions as proof.


Limited-Time Quests

  • Rihog Rampage

    Calamity at the outskirts of Easthaven!
    A small outskirt hunting town in EastHaven has come under a sudden attack by a herd of incredibly aggressive Rihogs, going on a rampage, destroying homes and attacking any they lay their eyes upon, aggressiveness to this degree has not been documented before and locals are unsure what has spurred this attack. Please send help! Any is appreciated. With the hunting town under attack, draw your Elyxian’s assisting the townsfolk, examples can be: -Trapping a Rihog -Hunting a Rihog -Helping Evacuate townsfolk -protecting someone from a Rihog -Luring a Rihog away.

    Submit your prompt for an exclusive limited-time reward! You may submit this prompt 3 times!
    At least Half Body, flat colour, a background and include at least 20% of a Rihog./ 800 words
    Normal AC for a Rihog. 
    Can not be combined with other prompts. 


    Closes at the end of the month
    Submit under the Rihog Rampage prompt




Children of the Wood

  • Species: Toto Only
    Quest Type: Text Adventure
    Stats: Not Applicable
    Rewards: TBA
    Replayable: No
    Lengtg: TBA

    Coming Soon!

A Call to the Past

  • Jump into the mystery of Elyxium's past and begin to unravel the secrets of this strange new world.

    Species: Any (Anthro)
    Quest Type: Text Adventure
    Stats: Not Applicable
    Rewards: TBA
    Replayable: No
      Coming Soon!