• Welcome to our new addition, the Quest Board!
    What is the quest board?
    The board is a place where you can complete quests to earn specific rewards!
    ​Tasks are rated in difficulty from one to three stars!
    ​Hatchlings can enter these tasks if they specify!
    Make sure to read thoroughly to earn your rewards.

    How to Use
    To use the Board, you need to choose a quest and complete its requirements.
    Make sure to double-check, as errors may mean you can not claim your rewards.
    Submit the artwork under the task's name.
    Check the end date through the prompt lists for exact times.
    You may only submit once for each quest unless stated otherwise.
    Companions and Hatchlings are welcome unless specified otherwise.


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    End Date: Closing 10th Feb!



Unusual Symptoms⭐️

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    Elyxians are returning home from the Gemini Fields with unusual blemishes on their skin. In most cases, these growths appear benign, but Piper can not rest easy until she discovers what is the cause of these mysterious inflictions. Perhaps another trip to the Gemini Fields is in order? Piper refuses to let this mystery go unsolved before she opens the Gemini Fields for public foraging, so she is looking for brave Elyxians to help her cause.

    Draw one of your characters in the Gemini Fields. Piper has a suspicion that this affliction could be the cause of a few factors. Draw your character exploring the crystalline wildlife of the island, perhaps they could be the cause? Or investigate the deep, dark geode tunnels that litter the Island. Is there something sinister lying within? 
    At least halfbody, flat colour, any Scenic background (Must show a location).

    1 Max Entries

    End Date: 2022-06-13 23:59:59

    Mystery Item (Claim at the close of this quest)