• Diet

    • Kayon often feeds on trees, fruits, and grass. 


    • Kayon is the biggest documented in the companion class, reaching up to 3 stories high (40FT), however, their young begin at around 2 meters tall.


    • Kayon reproduce like normal reptiles, laying massive 2 meter long eggs encased in a shell akin to concrete,


    • 586-image.png
      Base Stats + 3 Strength.
      Can be linked to 3 separate Mains.

      Food: Strength +1

    Lore and Information

    • Kayon are massive giants that often roam grasslands and valleys. They are slow-moving and are considered gentle beasts, easy to tame and bond with. Kayon are herbivores, their diet exclusively consists of fruits and trees however they do not need to eat often. Most Kayon are covered in soft silk-like hair that can be platted and shaped into ladders and structures to support houses on their backs. They are considered reptiles and often sleep a few hours a day to absorb heat in the mid-day sun. It is considered near impossible to wake a sleeping Kayon.

       Kayon often wander alone and due to their size, many do not make it to adulthood since their only defense is their size and rough hide that develops in the later stages of life. They are incredibly protective of their partners and can easily ward off any normal threats. 


    Soul Lore

    • Kayon are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.


    Traits and Anatomy


      Fur around the head at least.
      Hooved feet. 4 Toed hands.
      Anatomy close to above.

      Can Add:
      Any Height from 2 meters to 40FT
      Fur anywhere on the body. 
      Structures and/or any plant growth. (No Coral/Fungi etc)
      Any type of Eyes.
      Glowing Eyes or Markings.
      Mineral Growth. 



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