• Diet

    • Totos do not need to eat but can consume food in the soul fire under their masks or in their animal and human forms.



    • Totos can not reproduce and can only be created when a soul inhabits a special Toto totem.

    Lore and Information

    • Totos are souls given a physical form through inhabiting an afflicted totem. Littered across the land are animal-themed totems, their origins yet unknown. Toto spirits use these totems to materialize their bodies and keep their souls safe. By containing their soul in the totem, they can use a fragment to create their "Toto" form, human form or animal form. If either of these forms is destroyed, they will hibernate back in the totem until they can reconstruct their physical form. These souls have lost most memories of what they were in their past life but can still show signs of flashbacks like Xeodes can. Totos are seen as a non-threat to most inhabitants of Elyxium.  It is said that souls that become Totos saught a method to return to a physical form tie up loose ends. While they can not clearly remember the reason they wanted to return, they can often feel a purpose buried deep within them. Once this purpose is achieved, Totos can choose to move on to another life.

      Totos do not eat, and many do not have ill intentions. 
      Totos themselves do not have many magical abilities in Elyxium, mostly just transformation abilities and regeneration abilities.
      Increasing the magic state without an affliction just increases their general strength.



    Soul Lore

    • Totos are created with a soul that was wandering the earth that has a strong reason to return to a physical form to complete an important task. This soul is released upon death as per normal or is taken to Alure by a Cyphon when they choose to pass on.



    • *Until sheets are updated - Masks can now fully move and emote. They remain true to their material and the mouth does not connect to a stomach. but reveals the fire underneath. Tongue/teeth can be flesh or the material of the mask. 

      Lore, Mask and Body Type Traits
      Body/Animal Traits
      Chart for Allowed Dragon Types
      Extra Info on Body Anatomy

      Note: Mineral Growth is a Legend trait. 

      Animal the Toto is based off is listed like so: Mammal Toto|(Elk). In the trait notes include which animal the Toto is based off. 
      Additional traits are listed as so: Mammal Trait|(Horns)


      Totos can be confusing to create as they do not have a set trait sheet, but do not fret we can guide you through the new process! 

      Step 1: Pick the animal you want to use. This needs to be somewhat specific, the more specific the better. Fish is too vast, but pufferfish is just fine! The animal you pick defines the beginning trait pool you can use. For this tutorial, we will use an octopus. 

      Step 2: To make it simple, design the head carving after your animal, in the case the octopus. This head just needs to resemble your animal either artistically or literally! The eye must be large as shown in the trait sheets, but can be closed or emotive.

      Step 3: The body. It is best to start with basic Toto anatomy and add your traits on. For example, using the octopus for the animal grants any of the following traits to use; tentacles, slimy skin, gills. You are free to use these traits on the anatomy how you see fit as long as they remain recognizable. Please note that you do NOT need to use all or any of these traits, they are just considered common to your animal. Fur is allowed anywhere, as well as furry tails and ears as they are base Toto anatomy. Feet typically follow Toto anatomy, or the animal's foot anatomy for common.

      Step 4: Adding extra traits. Here is where it can get tricky! To add traits from other animals, you need to follow the rarity guide. For example, if we want to add horns we need to check what animal we want them from. If we want to add antlers, that comes from the mammal tier, meaning antlers are rare. If we want small horn nubs, we could take them from a thorny devil, which is uncommon. This logic is applied to all other traits, there may be some overlap so it is best to go with the animal tier with the lowest rarity to apply the trait from.

      That should be most of it, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!



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