• Diet

    • Totos generally enjoy a wide variety of foods. Some prefer foods their animal form may enjoy.


    • Totos are rather small, around the size of a short Aphex. Some can reach to 6ft, but generally are found around 5ft.


    • Totos can not reproduce and can only be created when a soul inhabits a Toto totem.

    Lore and Information

    • TotoAnatomy.png

      General Lore
      Totos are wandering souls given a physical form through inhabiting an afflicted totem. Littered across the land are animal-themed totems, their origins yet unknown. Spirits use these totems to materialize their bodies and keep their souls safe by containing their soul in the totem, they can use a fragment to create their "Toto" form, and human form or animal form. If either of these forms are destroyed, they will hibernate back in the totem until they can reconstruct their physical form from another shard of their soul. These souls have lost most memories of what they were in their past life but can still show signs of flashbacks like Xeodes can. Totos are seen as a non-threat to most inhabitants of Elyxium.  It is said that souls that become Totos saught a method to return to a physical form to tie up loose ends. While they can not clearly remember the reason they wanted to return, they can often feel a purpose buried deep within them. Once this purpose is achieved, Totos can choose to move on to another life. Totos can live up to 200 years until their soul decays inside the totem, otherwise, damage to the totem itself will "kill" the Toto.

      Totos are one of the most recognizable species on Elyxium. They possess emotive heads made of solid materials and large glass eyes. Their forms are completely solid, and they contain the same organs as humans yet will not die if they do not eat or drink. Other than turning their forms into human or animal forms, they do not possess many other abilities. Their heads are attached to their neck and can not be removed. Their paws can possess paw pads or retractable claws. 

      Toto totems are generally quite hard to find and are presumably created in the era of man. Many are found in temples or ruins but have also been uncovered in all regions of Elyxium. These totems range from 20cms to 1 meter tall and can be made of many various materials. These totems are carved depictions of an animal, or mythical beasts such as hybrids and dragons. Said to be the cure of mortality in some scripts, many speculate that these totems were created as a means to preserve a soul on Earth by linking it with that of an animal's spirit. This is why many assume that humans had created such an item, as the Toto form is considered an in-between of man and animal.

      In Society
      Totos can find it difficult to adapt to Elyxium society as they are often cast into this new world without any guidance or knowledge. Totos are generally found in roles pertaining to the land, animals or health-related fields. It is rare to find a Toto in a high position of authority as they are generally looked down upon for their unknown origins and abilities (akin to Xeodes). 


    Soul Lore

    • Totos are created with a soul that was wandering the earth that has a strong reason to return to a physical form to complete an important task. This soul is released upon death as per normal or is taken to Alure by a Cyphon when they choose to pass on.



    • Head Traits

      Heads can be a mix of minerals. The head shape can not be flat but can be exaggerated to suit their animal (see examples). The mineral of the head does NOT need to be clearly identifiable. If you'd like gem totem for lore purposes it can still appear flat coloured. You need body traits to apply to the head if your animal does not have those traits.

    • Animal and Traits

      When making your Toto, your animal's rarity is based on the totem above, for example, a crested gecko is uncommon as it is a reptile. Your animal must be a defined species such as "Clownfish (Rare)" or "German Shepard (Rare)". Your animal can not be "Canine". The feet of your animal typically replace the Totos feet (only, not the paws). 

      Once you have picked an animal, all traits of that animal become common. You can choose to use all or partial amounts of those traits. Extra traits can be chosen from the list above. Please add them to your masterlist entry like so Fish Trait (Fins), as there is some overlap with other species. Tail can be of your animal's, or any generic furry/furless tail.

      God Tier Animals and Elyxium Species
      With the new lore you may choose to have a Dino or Dragon toto. Dragons must be one of these currently approved types. 
      Dinosaurs should be referenced from their most updated depictions, however, this is not strict. Over-exaggerated "monstrous" versions are not allowed.
      You may now use an Elyxium species for your Toto's animal. Please reference the pet catalog for their animal's family or the Native Fauna pages in the Encylopedia. Animals/pets with no family allocated can not be picked (magical/premium pets). Main Species and humanoid species can not be used for the animal form. (Lurkers, Fiends etc).

    • Toto Forms 

      Animal Forms
      Once your animal form is approved, you may earn AC from drawing it! The animal form must contain the same traits or less than the Toto form, and the same colours (markings can change). Due to the large variety of animals, AC will be different for each size/amount of detail. We may adjust this slider depending on how simple the details are, or the animal. For example, a detailed cat may still earn 100% if it meets the level of effort as an Aphex fullbody etc.
      Bugs - Birds (Typically 20%)
      Cats - Large dogs (50%)
      Horses + (100%)
      You can not use these animal forms for prompts/tasks unless it is stated.

      Human Forms
      Human forms can range from completely humanoid with no traits from their Toto form, to digitigrade with fur and animal traits like horns and tails. Colours must be the same, and traits derived from the Toto form. Clothing can be included on the Masterlist as part of the design itself. Human forms earn 100% AC.

      To get your alternative forms approved, draw the design and send in a claim with the approved Toto, and a link to the form to be added.

    • For reference, below are the old trait sheets. Do not use these for future designs!
      Lore, Mask and Body Type Traits
      Body/Animal Traits
      Chart for Allowed Dragon Types
      Extra Info on Body Anatomy



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