The Basics

      • Welcome recruits to your first little taste of exploration! I'll be showing you the ropes of basic gathering and fighting, so keep your mind sharp, there are many dangers out there, even if we are just exploring the surface. -Anyway, let's get packing!

        There are a few important rules to remember. Before you head out, ensure you are properly trained for each area. This means your strength or agility should meet the minimum requirements. 

        Once you are ready, ensure you have the stamina to explore and return home safely, so don't head out when you're too tired! Food, medical supplies, and other items can replenish your stamina if you're in a pinch. 

        Read below the page for full artwork requirements. 

  • Rarities
    All items have a different drop rate, so bear in mind how common each material is in different areas if you are aiming for a specific item.
     If you are really lucky you may even grab all of one different item per forage. 

    Drop Rates
    🟢 Common 100%-90%
    🟡 Uncommon 90%-50%
    🟠 Rare 50%-30%
    🔴 Sparse 30%-10%
    🟣 Exceptionally Rare 10%
    🧵 = Craftable item
    💎 = Treasure
    📜 = Affliction Item
  • Foraging Guide
    Once your character has explored an area, they can now "auto forage" with the Foraging Guide item. This item can be bought at the General store.
    Essentially this item acts as a prompt artwork and does not require the player to draw more entries. Please read the item's rules when using.

    Areas featuring this icon allow foraging guide passes. 
  • Exploring with a Companion
    Your companion's stats can buff your main character's stats when drawn together. This means your companion also drains energy (the same amount as the main character). The same art restrictions apply to companions as if they are a second main character. Only the main Elyxium character's stats and level must meet the requirement.




  • Required Level to Explore: 0+
    Energy Depletion: -4

    • The Caves

      No Stat Requirements

      The surface caves are mostly filled with creepy crawlies and narrow passageways. It's best to keep your calm when navigating its maze-like interior. The brave can often find gems and bones which can earn a quick buck on the Blackmarket.

      Item Drops

      • 🟢 Gemkin
        🟢💎 Dephx Claw
        🟢 Beeswax x2
        🟡💎 Amythest Geode
        🟠🧵 Aphex Skull
        🟠🧵 Dephx Skull
        🔴 Syron Tadpole
    • The Grasslands

      No Stat Requirements

      The grasslands are filled with sweet-smelling flowers and insects. Anyone who ventures through this area often finds themselves covered in pollen and prickles. It's best to follow the outside paths.

      Item Drops

      • 🟢 Clofty
        🟢🧵 Cotton x4
        🟡🧵 Sunflower
        🟠🧵 Broken Mask
        🟠🧵 Saffron Flower
        🔴 Uridae Nymph
        🔴🧵 Rose
    • The Forest

      No Stat Requirements

      The forest is mostly a calm and safe place. It's filled with deer and larger animals that pose no threat to explorers. It's best to just avoid these little creatures. In the center of the forest is a large lake filled with fish and wildlife.

      Item Drops

      • 🟢 Croager
        🟢🧵 Stick x4
        🟢🧵 Grass x2
        🟡🧵 Beeswax x5
        🟡🧵 Stick x5
        🟠🧵 Broken Mask
        🔴 Cahri Egg




  • Required Level to Explore: 4+
    Energy Depletion: -6

    • The Devil's Stepping Stones

      ⚠️Requires Agility 4+

      Also known as The Devil's Stepping Stones, this part of the entrance is quite risky to those who may suffer from vertigo. Vicious birds and reptiles call this place their home, so step carefully! Those who excel with agility will find this area better suited!

      Item Drops

      • 🟢 Kitter
        🟢🧵 Honey x3
        🟡🧵 Enchanted Rainbow Quartz x4
        🟡🧵  Jade Fragment x6
        🟡💎 Golden Compass
        🟠💎 Old Wooden Chest
        🔴💎 Flashkite Gecko
        🟣📜 Silverlace Pendant
        🟣🧵 Aphex of Paradise
    • The Breathing Bridges

      ⚠️Requires Logic 4+

      Considered the most serene part of the entrance, it is unsure why the ground here moves with oddly realistic movements, but many speculate that the very ground here is enchanted with magic. Others say the moss is just expelling excess water. We may never know.

      Item Drops

      • 🟢 Snapper
        🟢🧵 Grass x6
        🟡📜 Scented Hornsbreath
        🟡💎 Golden Compass
        🟠💎 Old Wooden Chest
        🔴📜 Sacred Blue Datura
        🔴💎 Flashkite Gecko
        🟣📜 Reptilian Eye Brooch
    • The Wasps Nest

      ⚠️Requires Strength 4+

      Known as the Wasps Nest, this location is drenched with dangers and treasures. This is most definitely not a place to explore too long on your own. Insectoid monsters call this section their home...But on the bright side, they like to horde treasure! Those who excel with strength will find this area better suited!

      Item Drops

      • 🟢 Rexi
        🟢🧵 Glowing Mushroom x3
        🟢🧵 Sticks x3
        🟡💎 Polished Lapis
        🟡🧵  Jade Fragment x5
        🟡💎 Golden Compass
        🟠💎 Diamond
        🟣📜Golden Skyweaver Idol


Other Locations


The Wishing Pond

Required Level to Explore: 5+
Energy Depletion: -6
No character stat requirements.

The Wishing Pond is a sacred place to pay your respects to forces beyond our control, and to offer blessings for a healthy and prosperous life. This pond is linked deeply to religious beliefs, meaning there are a few rules visitors must abide by when making their offerings. Only one Elyxian can visit the waters at a time while they make a wish.

AC earned from the area determines the number of wishes you gain.
If you earn 90 ac for this area you get 90 wishes on top of your normal AC/XP amount.
Bonuses such as user specialties do not count towards wishes. 
Wishes give a small chance at exclusive or rare items to drop. Item drops are not guaranteed.
🟢Gobbygon Pet
🟣Special Drop

To enter this area, you need to attach the following item to your prompt. 

(Found in the general store, 2 per store rotation)
You can only have 1 Elyxian pictured in this artwork and a max of 1 pet. 
Literature from 1000 -1700 words.
No Animations/Comics/Other Media.


The Gemini Fields

Required Level to Explore: 5+
Energy Depletion: -6
No character stat requirements.

  • The Gemini Fields have officially opened for intermediate adventurers!
    A land as deadly as it is beautiful calls out to be explored, but what secrets are hidden in heart of the island's core?

    Item Drops

    • 🟢 Glass Siren Pet
      🟢🧵 Rainbow Quartz x2
      🟡🧵Jade Fragement x2
      🟠 📜 Sky Tears
      🔴 📜 Crystalized Koi
      🔴📜 Pearl Dove
      🟣📜 Stoneskin Curse




Required Level to Explore: 5+
Energy Depletion: -10
No character stat requirements.

  • The lost city of Lunara. Here you can find rare and valuable drops found nowhere else. This lost city is known for its ancient legends of immortal beings made of stone and gems. Many have tried to find this city of gold but to no avail. Legends speak of two golden griffins that guard the passageway to this world, the only way to pass is to answer their riddle.

    To enter this area, you need to attach the following item to your prompt. 
    Extra rolls not permitted in this area. 

    Item Drops

    • 🟢 Kyhar Pet
      🟢🧵 Sticks x4
      🟢🧵 Gold x1
      🟡💎 Diamond
      🟠 📜 Fossilized Anaris Amber
      🔴 Anaris Sap
      🔴📜 Small Glowing Statuette
      🟣📜 The Idol of Lunara



Required Level to Explore: 5+
Energy Depletion: -6
⚠️ No character stat requirements. Body Requirements

  • The Enchanted Reef, also known as the underwater forest, located in the surrounding waters of the Harrow. This location is just teeming with life and colour, large coral structures line the bottom of the shallow waters while threats hide amongst the deep. These warm waters are perfect for treasure hunting!

    ⚠️To enter this area, you need to have a character with (any) aquatic anatomy such as the following: ⚠️
    Trajen Anatomy, Mermaid Tail, Gills, or Sea Glider Affliction (In Use).
    If your character does not have these traits you can use Temporary Water Breathing equipment.

    Item Drops

    • 🟢 Mantras Pet
      🟢🧵 Pink Coral x4
      🟡💎 Large Clam
      🟡💎 Pretty Shell
      🟠📜 Pearl Pendant
      🔴📜 Pearlescent Scale




Required Level to Explore: 5+
Energy Depletion: -6 / (+15)
No character stat requirements.


    Outside the Harrow lies the famous Koshan thermal rock pools. Many gather from far and wide to relax in these warm waters. These pools are surrounded by large Pinetree forests, making them feel private and enclosed, but also hides dangers under its dark canopy.

    No character stat requirements. -6 Energy Depletion
    Submit in Exploring the Rockpools prompt

    Item Drops

    • 🟢 Broilin Pet
      🟢🧵 Sticks x5
      🟢🧵 Cotton x3
      🟠🧵 Wooden Animal Carvings (5 different animals)
      🔴📜 Dreamcatcher
      🔴📜 Darkwood Totem



    You can also submit an artwork to this location that replenishes energy but grants no item drops (pet will still drop).

    Draw your character relaxing in the rockpools (Not foraging). They will replenish 15 energy.

    When you submit artwork for this task you will get a roll. Below show the list of possible item drops.
    🟢Broilin Pet

    No character stat requirements. +15 Energy Regeneration
    Submit in Relax in the Rockpools prompt



  • Please read the instructions and rules to ensure you earn your drops.
    This task currently has no close date but is subject to alteration.
    To enter this task you must draw your main species Elyxian character or the community Aphex. (No companions, licensed or pets as the main)
    Your artwork should contain a full scene but needs to show a half body at a minimum and be flat-colored.
    Your artwork can depict your character foraging, facing threats, exploring or fighting. Larger threats may arise in random areas and will drop much rarer items. Keep an eye out for these events.
    Writing prompts need to be 1000+ word count.
    It should be clear where you are searching to ensure you receive the right drops. Simple scenic is the bare minimum. 
    You can repeat this task as many times as you wish.
    If your character does not reach a stat requirement, you can find items to boost it for a single time in the black market. 


    Must be at least a Half body- clear scenic depiction of the location, with color. This means the character should be drawn cleanly but we allow sketchy backgrounds of the locations as long as it is clear which location they are foraging in. The entire artwork needs to be at least flat coloured, no linearts etc.
    You earn the normal amount of AC/XP.
    Hatchlings can not participate.
    Art must be finished.
    Submit to the right prompt to earn proper drops.
    One character must clearly be the "main" character in which their stat points will be used for drops.
    You must link the main character used to allow mods to check stat points for every artwork. If a character is not linked it may be declined. 
    You can not use other's characters as the main character unless they are the community Aphex. 

    Feel free to ask any questions! Other than that, have fun!