General Rules

When playing in our ARPG, there are some simple rules to keep everything fair for everyone. This is a community-driven world where we want to encourage world and character-building at the forefront but to also ensure we offer an enjoyable and safe experience for our members. So please ensure to read and follow our community guidelines, failure to abide by our rules may result in strikes or a locked account, these rules also apply to our Discord server. 


  • When you purchase an adopt from the Elyxium world, the character will be added to your account (if applicable). Use of your character is not restricted, including use such as vtubers, apparel and media. We only request species credit and/or design credit to Cryptickoi and the applicable designer.
  • Characters can be edited to any extent for personal use. To use your character in the game, you must depict them with their owned traits and forms shown on the Masterlist. Participating in the game is not a requirement to own an Elyxium design, you can take advantage of our masterlist system to keep records of your designs for personal use and future reselling. 
  • When trading, selling, or swapping official designs please refer to the masterlist to ensure that the character you are trading or obtaining is official.  We can not help recover funds if you have purchased an Elyxian character that has not been approved and uploaded. If you are unsure, please contact a mod to sort out any issues.
  • We advise transferring your character immediately once the trade is complete. You may need to keep proof on hand if trades rely on artworks to be completed. Moderators can assist in some fraudulent trades if proof has been provided.
  • You can sell Elyxium characters for any amount you deem fair. Certain characters are locked due to how they have been obtained. This includes free First Time Owner slots until they are level 3.
  • Characters can be transferred back to the previous owners under special conditions. Etc a trade has not gone through or a chargeback has been issued. You must provide proof to a Moderator to sort out any transaction issues. 
  • If you have issued a chargeback against an Elyxium adopt seller without appropriate reason, we will retract the character and resell it. This may result in banning your account from purchasing future adopts or/and placing a strike on your account depending on circumstances.


  • If you are found breaking the rules or using exploits in the game willingly, you may be issued strikes (3 max) against your name or be immediately banned. 
  • If you are banned, your characters will remain under your name until you trade them or chose to have them voided. Contact a mod to trade your characters, as your account will be locked.
  • You can not use your characters in the ARPG if you are banned, attempts to create alt accounts will also result in those becoming banned.
  • Bans may be permanent or temporary, it depends on the severity of your actions.

Design Guidelines and Characters

  • When you obtain a character for the game, its base form (and official other forms) are recorded on our Masterlist. This is your official proof of ownership. You are free to make any other unofficial forms for your character or use them in other species/worlds at your discretion.  We insist that if you create unofficial forms, to keep your character together if trading/reselling to respect our designer's work.
  • White/Black or simple designs. We understand our members may like to create simple designs using minimal palettes and shapes. For this reason, we do not gatekeep single colour designs or concepts. Similar designs to official designs with minimal elements may still be approved if there is no sign of blatant theft. 
  • We allow AU artworks, however, if you submit artwork of an unofficial form, its AC will be reduced drastically depending on how different the design is from its masterlist versions. This includes but is not limited to; Traits that are not on the character, forms the character does not have, and a character that is not approved. Background characters will be considered for background detail. This does not apply to hatchling forms, forms before injury/affliction/illness use etc. This is case by case and is only implemented to avoid unofficial use of game items.
  • It is not mandatory to follow the lore of the species. You can certainly also draw your characters at different points on the timeline. You can also combine the Elyxian lore with other species' universes with others if you wish. AU's of other properties are also welcome!
  • You may utilize NPCs for stories or backstories. NPCs shouldn't be used in tasks or events unless specified. There are community Aphex to use in these instances and will be linked.​
  • If you have an Elyxian that is not approved/on the masterlist, please mention so when sharing content. This character can not partake in any ARPG elements until approved. Any art they may feature in only influences background complexity. 
  • We respectfully ask that you do not sell unapproved Main Elyxium characters and Companions as adopts, this is to avoid confusion between official designs and non-approved designs. Designing a slot for another person is acceptable. Users are free to create customs and adopts for Open Species. These can be submitted with a species license to be on the masterlist to be made official.
  • Open Species sold as adoptables by a mod or GA are automatically added to the masterlist. 
  • Please keep NSFW content away from minors. 
  • Copy-written character inspiration is okay if it is not a carbon copy of the character. If you are submitting a design with this concept, you must attach/mention the character it is derived from. If this is not added, your character can become account locked until redesigned and/or a strike on your account. Our team is small and we may not pick up on every inspired design. If you feel a design has slipped through the cracks, please inform a moderator of your concerns. Please respect designs of all properties.
  • REDESIGNING. You are free to redesign your character whenever you'd like. It must, however, be recognizable to the original design. You may buy a total redesign option from the store if you are not content with the design or a palette redesign to completely change the colors. The total redesign needs to keep its traits (unless you have a trait upgrade or rebirth scroll).
  •     -You can redesign these attributes without consulting prior.  
  •                   -Fur, becoming hairless, hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, clothes.
  •                   -Eyes and snouts into other styles of the same category.
  •                   -Placement of spikes, wings ect. (Be aware of a clash of spinal growth and crowns when placing spikes).

Voiding and Use of Premade Designs

  • If you want to void a character from the species, please discuss this with CrypticKoi or another official mod. We will request that your character be changed so it is no longer a member of its old species to be respectful to our world and concepts. Voiding can not be reversed in normal conditions.  Voided designs can not be turned into a Closed Species or "owned" concepts while appearing like the original species. We suggest if you intend to use the character for other media, to create unofficial forms. This will not affect your approved character, and both can be used for different mediums. 
  • If you wish to transfer a one-off design onto your MYO, you are allowed if the artist allows so or you have the rights to do so. We strongly advise keeping the two characters linked, so they would be traded as one entity.


  • All tickets should be located in your inventory. If there is an error, please inform the group via Discord, DA or claims. 
  • MYOs do not expire.
  • Feel free to ask or commission someone else to design your character, however, you must list them as the creator.​
  • Please do not heavily reference preexisting or commercial characters and designs to the point they are carbon copies!
  • ​You can sell MYOs. 

Intellectual Property

  • Concepts from Elyxium should not be recreated in any form separate from its universe and owners without credit. Please respect all properties of the game and do not mimic its species, concepts, art, or lore with malicious intent. (As agreed upon in the General Terms and Conditions). You are free to involve outside characters in this world, but at no point claim the concepts within Elyxium as your own or profit from its property without approval by the owner. (Art commissions, etc is acceptable. This refers to large-scale merchandising).
  • Do not steal others' designs for use on your characters. These designs are registered to the owner and should not be re-created. 


  • When submitting artworks to the game, please follow the rules to protect our team and members.
  • Please ensure to double-check prompt rules before you submit your artwork.
  • Please refer to the AC Calculator for the most accurate rewards. Mods may edit these values to meet our general art tiers. 
  • Links should link directly to an image or trusted website. This means it should end in .png/.jpg etc or link to a trusted domain such as Toyhouse, DeviantArt etc.
  • If an artwork you are submitting contains NSFW (Either Drawn or Written) you must put a warning in the comments of the claim/prompt for our team. The link should NOT lead directly to an image, but to a hosting website where an NSFW filter is applied. This can be done by copying a message link on Discord in a private server (Such as an NSFW server) or to a character page on Toyhouse where the image is flagged as mature content!
  • We do not accept any illegal or explicit/offensive imagery in our submissions. If you are unsure, please message a mod.