Mammal | 1.5 Meters long | 1.5 Meters tall | Rare | La-Vi-Row

  • Laviros are water-based mammals that are commonly spotted along shorelines bordering shallow waters. These deer-like mammals feast on corals and crustaceans and spend most of their time in the water. Their mouths are lined with various shaped teeth, their top jaw smooth, while their bottom jaws are filled with sharper teeth to scrape oysters and touch corals from rocks. Laviro come in a stunning array of colours. most mimicking coral formations and patterns. Both males and females possess extraordinary "antlers" that mimic various corals, their full glory only ever observed when the Laviro are fully submerged under water.  

    Laviro, unlike many other mammals, have gills lining their neck which they use to survive long periods of time underwater. To help their small bodies remain on the sea floor, they may swallow rocks or other heavy items, however, their bodies are already surprisingly heavy for their size. Thick fins line their front legs, which are used for swimming or anchoring against rocks in strong currents. 

    Laviro are quite talkative, their voices only audible underwater. Their pitch mimics that of whales or elk calls and can reach up to a 2km radius. While these mammals survive in packs of 10-20, they use these calls to warn of danger or intimidate any possible threats. Laviro are naturally curious and shy, and will inspect non-threatening Elyxians with their herd when approached. They are easy to tame and gain their trust, which is why many Elyxians travel to observe these rare animals in their natural environment.