Houndling (Shingaling Subtype)


  • Houndlings can eat any food, even rocks and gems as their body turns the materials into dust when absorbing its energy.


  • Houndlings are usually the size of small dogs, the middle size between Shingalings and Totos. This can be from 1-3ft roughly.


  • Houndlings can not reproduce.


  • Item Needed:

    Stat Increase + 3 Wisdom
     + Houndling Anatomy (Emotion)

Lore and Information

  • ShingalingSubspeciesSheet.png

    Houndlings are another subtype from the haunted vessel family (Totos, Shingalings).  These dog-like dolls have a more intricate design when compared to Shingalings,  which causes them to be harder to make. Instead of a metal ball to hold the soul inside, this design uses a unique crystal found deep underground with a unique spiral curve through the center. This allows the form to be stronger, and support the larger size but not quite as strong as Totos. Houndlings have been known to be very comfortable around Shingalings and Totos alike, and consider them family when referring to such species. 

    Houndlings are easily excitable but possess the same intelligence as Totos and other main species. While each Shingaling can emit a weak emotion to those around it, Houndlings have one emotion allocated to their soul and can choose when to emit this strong aura to others. Sometimes, the form of the Houndling is themed around their one defined emotion. While this may deem negative-mood Houndlings as undesirable, they still hold the universal ability to absorb their emotion from those around them, allowing them to take sadness, loneliness, and anger away from anyone suffering from these negative moods. 


Soul Lore

  • Houndlings are created with a soul that was wandering the earth that possesses the soul bead. This soul is released upon death as per normal or is taken to Alure by a Cyphon when they choose to pass on.





    Main Species Traits
    Shingaling Page

    When turning or making a Houndling, please follow the difference in anatomy from the Shingaling species. 

    The thread/rope arms of a Shingaling are now tied around the chest of a Houndling.
    They can have fancy knots on the back or chest. Beads and charms etc can be added to these knots.

    The tail remains the same as Shingaling rules. 

    The bell/face follows more of a dog snout shape, and looks like a simplified bean. The mouth can open to show the metal maw inside, teeth can be any colour, and the tongue can also be flesh or metal. The eyes are connected to the mouth, however, the lip shape can be altered. 

    You can apply your Houndlings emotion on their masterlist form by defining it when adding the Houndling Anatomy trait. To do this, apply the trait and in the comment of the trait add the emotion. 



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