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Explore Elyxium as you gather resources from various locations!
Please ensure you have a link to the main character you have used.


Assemble items you purchased, traded or gathered in order to create new objects!


When crafting an item, go to submit - claim. Under the URL, please put a link to the item you wish to craft. 
You must then scroll down to Add-ons and add the items required in the craft from your inventory.  
They will not appear if you do not own them. However, please ensure that you have enough of the item so that your inventory does not fall into the negatives - your craft will  be cancelled by moderators if that is the case.

If you are crafting an object (such as an upgrade token) you may claim it as a reward. If you are crafting a MYO token, you may simply say so in the comments.

Craftable objects

MYO Token 2UC or MYO Token 2UC 1R for Aphex, Dephx, Nadire, Xeode or Kiku
Upgrade tokens Uncommon Upgrade TokenRare Upgrade TokenLegend Upgrade TokenGod Upgrade TokenPremium Upgrade Token
Companion items Uridae Honeycomb Bites

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