The Companion Species of the Aphex Empire

Below are the companion species of Elyxium. These are considered as normalized domesticated fauna.

Exclusive (Winter)
  • Large furred birds. These creatures only seem to appear naturally during the winter.

  • Large reptilian creatures. Feared for their unique ability to blend perfectly into the environment.

  • Considered the catfish of the land, Syrons are beloved for their friendly demeanor.

  • Uridae are large, soft creatures that are considered one of the laziest companions.

  • Arkies are a favourite upon companion breeders. They are very affectionate and lively.

Exclusive (Halloween)
  • Mystical beings that are formed from crystals. These creatures can only be summoned around fall.

  • Large slimely creatures that hold the skeletons of their former bodies inside their goo.

Exclusive (Lunara Area)
  • A devine companion that uses the power of light to move their solid form.

  • The most common of all companion species. These creatures have multiple forms.