Plushex (Aphex Subtype)

Plushex, or plushie Aphex, are a magical sub species of Aphex. The beings seem to be hand-crafted with love, and are commonly small, usually only a few feet. Their bodies hold no bones, only stuffing and a single plush heart that mysteriously beats. Some of these Aphex also carry the ability to talk due to a voice box inside their bodies. The origin of the Aphex are unknown, though it is commonly believed they are created by a unknown being. Creating these Plushex is impossible 
without the special heart found in this species. With it, a normal Aphex's soul can be converted to the body of a Plushex, however it isn't so easy to convert back.

Plushex are hard to kill due to having no organs, however damaging the soft heart can kill them. Otherwise Plushex can be killed by magical forces. Common Aphex usually enjoy the company of Plushex due to their pleasant nature. Dephx and other carnivores will avoid them as it is wasted energy to attack such a being. 

To turn an Aphex into a Plushex, you must use a Plush Heart.
Starts with +3 Logic

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​When transforming your Aphex to a Plushex sub-species, the Aphex may lose some characteristics in the process. 
During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
Special eye traits will be obsolete etc smoke. "Fake/Realistic" bead eyes follow normal traits. (Etc Slit, Normal)

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
If you have traits they must be converted to plushie form - etc, horns must be soft, wings should be fabric.
Button, stitches, beads or hollow eyes. They can be stylized but should suit the fabric aesthetic.  
Fur can be faux or stitched like the example above.
+ Plushex anatomy|Special


Elsin (Aphex Subtype)


  • Normal Elsin do not eat. They have remnants of a stomach, so those with mouths can still consume nutrition to survive. Aphex rely on energy from the sun to power their body akin to photosynthesis. Their skin also has the ability to absorb water to keep their bodies hydrated.


  • Elsin can range drastically in height. Normal Elsin heights range from 1 meter to 2 meters high on average. 

    Height Chart for Aphex.


  • Elsin reproduce the same as normal Aphex.


  • Item Needed:

    Stat Increase +6 Agility
     + Elsin Anatomy
    + True Elsin Form

Lore and Information

  • Elsin are a race of agile Aphex that are usually found in naturally dense areas of the wilderness. They are incredibly quick and flexible, allowing them to easily dash from threats. Aside from their agility, Elsin have a strong connection with nature. They can listen to the trees and plants, allowing them to know of incoming threats or locations of others and objects. Plants are not the only beings they share a connection to , however, animals are much calmer around them and cautious creatures often let Elsin close enough to touch. 

    One of the most defining aspects of Elsin is their exotic voices. They can sing the most beautiful melodies which can reach up to a 1km radius. An Elsin song can be used for many different reasons. Sometimes they are used to attract a mate, warn of danger, to lure a being towards them, or even entertainment for themselves and others.  Elsin almost entirely live among the wilderness. They often feel disoriented when away from large patches of forest. 

    Elsin also have the unique ability to change into their "true form". This form has the body of a deer and the head of an Aphex. The Elsin's horns in this form have the ability to glow and leave trails of light in the forest that slowly disappear over a few minutes. Coupled with their songs, Elsin have been documented singing in this form as they dance, leaving unique trails of light in their wake. 

    Tainted by hands that we do not call home.
    Back towards a land of memories that are not my own.
    Wet and humid like you say,
    Tell me everything will be okay. 

    Seasons change while i pray. 
    I follow, but you stay away. 
    A crude depiction of nature.
    Tell me everything will be okay. 

    A touch, a song. 
    So far we have come along.
    Steps in time, we will soon decay.
    You say everything will be okay. 



Soul Lore

  • Elsin are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.




    Basic Trait Sheet
    Bonus Pack #1

    Fae Body Type (Legend Trait)
    Brute Body Type (Legend Trait)

    ​When transforming your Aphex to a Elsin sub-species, the Aphex may lose some characteristics in the process. 
    During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
    Fur should loosely follow the guide above. 
    Tail must be fur-based and hold no sharp or bladed edges. Dull horns/spikes are okay.

    When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
    Horns on the head must be only one set and should be placed like the example above. Style can be any sort. No other horns are allowed on the top of the head.
    Need hooves as shown above.
    Tail must not contain any sharp spikes.
    + Elsin anatomy | Special

    True Elsin Form


    Elsin True forms can be added to an Elsin's gallery through a claim. You do not have to submit this form as soon as they are changed to the sub-species, Elsin.
    These forms must share identical coats as their normal forms, and the same traits and placement where possible (excluding body modifiers like Naga anatomy, mermaid tail etc). 
    True Elsin form anatomy can not be changed. They must keep their hooves/ deer body but mouths can be added if the normal Elsin form has a mouth.
    True Elsin forms must essentially be identical to the normal form in trait and marking wise where possible.
    The horns have the ability to glow and make a trail, this can be shown in this masterlist entry or in a separate headshot on the same image. It isnt required.


Felgrin (Discontinued) (Aphex Subtype)

Felgrins are no longer cannon to Elyxium. Existing Felgrens may exist and do not need to be changed, but new ones will not be created, nor sub species items be handed out. 

Felgrin are a sub-species of Aphex that are mostly found in cold climates. There are almost always covered in fur or feathers and are rather athletic, making it easy to traverse difficult terrain.

They are known for their hard heads consisting of a material like bone and nail. Their heads are known to crack rocks and are often used as a method of showing dominance against other Felgrins. If a Felgrin breaks a horn, it can grow back over time. Aside from their heads, Felgrins have strong powerful legs and have been known to jump up to two times their body height. Their hands are made of thick feathers covering their digits. They do not have claws.  

In order to turn an Aphex into a Felgrin, you must use an Ember Feather.
Starts with +5 Agility

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When transforming your Aphex to a Felgrin sub-species, the Aphex may lose some characteristics in the process. 
Felgrin Aphex must kept their same patterns and traits (Slight alteration in the transformation is allowed). You can choose whatever teeth you'd like. The head must have two horns, they can be any style. Any more horns is a trait. 

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
Horns set on the head.
+ Felgrin Anatomy

This design was orginally created by AP0STASIA . Refined and owned by CrypticKoi 


Rhakin (Aphex Subtype)


  • Rhakin enjoys any edible foods, and especially enjoy cooked meals made with the fruits of their forest.


  • Rhakin are usually around Aphex height, but in most cases are a foot or two taller than average Aphex.


  • Rhakins reproduce like Aphex and other animals. There is an extremely low chance an Aphex and a Rhakin can have a child.


  • Item Needed:

    Stat Increase + 10 Strength.
     + Rhakin Anatomy

Lore and Information

  • Rhakin or The Dragonfly Warriors are an ancient sub-species of Aphex. They are usually found in deep ruins or around the sacred lands of forested areas. Rhakin are usually peaceful towards their kin, but are incredibly durable and well built for battle. Rhakin are prideful, sacred beasts and take their role seriously when protecting places or people. Rhakin are supposedly descendants of an offshoot of a failed Aphex sub-species which was designed solely to be as indestructable as possible. This small tribe hid from most of the world and grew, creating traditions and marking their places in the world. Nowadays there are many off-shoots of Rhakin clans across the globe, each varying slightly in traditions and religions, however, they all share some defining factors. These mostly consist of harsh and often considered "cruel" methods of testing a child's strength before being "crested" into a Rhakin. 



    The Great Trial

    It is Rhakin tradition to leave a child alone at a young age somewhere in the wild, quite a distance away from the tribe. It then relies on the child to fend and fight for themselves. The strong survive while the weak weed themselves out. While this may sound extremely barbaric to outsiders, many children that have failed are found by wanderers and cared for. Those that have failed do not bear a Rhakin crest and are not considered as Dragonfly Warriors. This tradition, as frowned upon as it seems, has forged many strong tribes, resulting in a high success rate for their young. Young often don't return to their tribes as many are well hidden and Rhakins are quite rare themselves.  If a Rhakin hatchling survives long enough or finds its way back home it is crested and is embued with the knowledge of the tribe to continue its ways. Crests are carved pendants from metals and depict the unique design of the tribe, which is usually in the form of an insect or dragonfly. These pendants are fuzed to the body, most commonly the chest. If a Rhakin has broken a tribe's rules and is outcasted, their pendant is removed. This is considered worse than death for a Rhakin. To lose their honor is a sin most unholy.

    The Dragonfly Warriors

    This name refers to Rhakin that have been decorated with their crest. It is a name dubbed by outsiders to describe their agile and strong nature, along with their insectoid and luminous armour styles. Rhakins themselves often do not refer to themselves with this title, but rather by statuses. Outcasts refer to those who failed their first test and thus are shunned from joining the tribe from that point on. Crested refers to those who have gained their pendant and are respected warriors of the clan. Knights are crested that are highly decorated and experienced in battle. A Noble is one of the highest ranks known for Rhakins. This refers to those who have done a significant contribution to the safety of those around them. Often those who are given this title are those who have sacrificed their life to save another's.

    Armour1.png Armour2.png Armour3.png

    Above is a general example of a Rhakin's armor, however, the style varies based on the clan. A Rhakin's armour is commonly made of metal, the type of metal directly relates to their rank in the clan (if they are not in a clan this does not apply). Sometimes these metals are coloured and painted. Silvers, bronzes nd muted colours are for cresteds, and is a basic appearance. Gold is representative of Knights, or well-experienced Rhakins. Pearlescent, holographic or "heavenly" metals are for nobles. Those wearing black armour are those who undertake gruelling or noble tasks. This can be as executioners, assassins, spies etc. This armour can be switched out when not undertaking the current job.

    Lifestyle and Anatomy

    Rhakins are extremely strong, considered the strongest Aphex species in relation to body mass. These warriors of silver and flesh have been known to hunt down Dephx without fear, and have commonly taken down beasts triple their size alone. Rhakin also possesses the ability to breathe out smoke (single colour). This usually happens when the Rhakin is overexerting itself to rapidly expel heat from its body, but this can still be present in small amounts when the Rhakin is calm. This smoke is mostly harmless but can cause confusion and dizziness if breathed in large amounts. Rhakins don't always remain with their clans. Many leave once crested to find another purpose, or others of a different kind to share their strength with. Some Rhakins don't always seek the warrior lifestyle and want to make a new life for themselves in a new place where there are no expectations for their future.

    A dark knight. 
    Our ancestors are calling. 

    A howl, nothing more.
    Drowned by the midnight's cry.

    This world is filled with terror and spite.
    Yet we stand, our claws sharp,
    our minds honed. 

    We are ready to fight. 



Soul Lore

  • Aphex are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.





    Height Sheet
    Basic Trait Sheet
    Bonus Pack #1

    When transforming your Aphex to a Rhakin sub-species, the Aphex may lose some characteristics in the process while you're adding Rhakin anatomy.
    During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
    Smoke can not change colour. 
    Fur should loosely follow the guide above and not be short.
    The tail can vary based on Aphex guidelines. 
    The crest can be any metal colour and should be close to the design below.


    When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
    Head must be hard as above and contain at least one or more horns. 
    Scales covering the limbs and chest close to the visual above.
    Horns on the head
    Crest on the body.
    Mouth can be any style ridge. No teeth on the outside.
    Rhakin Anatomy|Special



Phynix (Aphex Subtype)


  • Phynix thrives off magic and afflictions of others. This can be afflicted items or the flesh of a being containing some sort of magic essence. 


  • Phynix typically reach heights from 5-8ft. 


  • Phynix can not reproduce and may adopt hatchlings from beings they have eaten. 

Lore and Information

  • PhynixAnatomy.png

    Base Lore
    Phynix are considered the polar opposites to the Ascended. They are formed when an Ascended is either corrupted during the development stages or is cursed. Phynix can not die by normal means. Some may recall their memories of their prior life, while many traverse the land looking for a purpose. Phynix are filled with magical essence and feed from those who also contain afflictions. Typically, they do not need to eat food, but devouring a creature that has either magical essence or afflictions feeds the "fire" inside these strange beings. If they go too long without feeding, they will perish or become ravaged beasts, hungering for any slither of magic. Due to this, many of these beings are found around the Harrow, where magic is plentiful. After a Phynix feeds on an affliction that has an effect, the Phynix can possibly absorb the effect or experience the power for a limited amount of time. Phynix can still eat and taste normal foods, however, it is nothing more than a luxury.

    Aside from the harmless fire inside their bodies, Phynix can morph their arms to be bigger or change shape to fight enemies. They can even turn their fire incredibly hot or cold to protect themselves. If a Phynix is injured, its body breaks away like stone despite its form being soft. If they are completely decapitated, the body will reform where the heart would be located. You can keep a Phynix in this broken form if you seal the heart away in an airtight container. Phynix do not have blood, but rather their "soul fire" may spill out their wounds. 

    A Place in Elyxium?
    Phynix are extraordinarily rare, so many beings do not understand or know of their existence. They are often viewed as some twisted form of an Aphex, or unknown subspecies. This means it is rather easy to merge into districts and with other Aphex. Phynix are just as intelligent, meaning it can often be easy for a Phynix to live a normal life albeit the hunger to feast on magic. 




Soul Lore

  • Phynix contains souls, shown as their "soul fire". 



Trajen (Aphex Subtype)


  • Trajen draw in energy from the sun, similar to Aphex. They constantly need to be hydrated, so Trajen need to live in or close to bodies of water. 



  • Just like Aphex, Trajen lay eggs, usually 1-2 commonly. These eggs are far more fragile, and suited for an aquatic environment. 

Lore and Information

  • 6-image.png

    • ​Trajen are a mysterious race of Aphex that live primarily in water. It is almost unheard of to see these Aphex roam far from the beaches due to the inability to survive without moisture on their skin. Just like other ocean dwelling mammals, a Trajen can become sick when their coat completely dries out. Like normal Aphex, Trajen do not have mouths and do not need to eat, but must return to the surface to bathe in the sunlight. They are the same size as the average Aphex, but their limbs are much more thin and fragile. Trajen use a unique style of communication, most commonly infrasonic sound accompanied by clicks and whistles. This language is rather complex, and with the lack of complex movements of their hands leaves a difficult language barrier between Aphex and Trajen. Some Aphex have taken to learning the Trajen's native "tongue" and can recreate their unique style of whistles even out of water. 
      In order to turn an Aphex into a Trajen, you must use a Glass Shell.
      Starts with +6 Agility


Soul Lore

  • Trajen are created and born with reborn souls straight from Alure, and this soul is released upon death as per normal.



  • Body Mutations


    Aphex has feathers, they must be dropped or replaced with a trait of the same rarity. Same for Feathered wings, they must be changed to be appropriate for water. Trajen Aphex must kept their same patterns and traits (Slight alteration in the transformation is allowed). You may choose to keep/add fur if you'd like, typical Trajen can have any type ears. 

    When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
    Gills and legs are set as above, fins and tail can be personalized. 
    + Scales 
    + Fins
    + Gills (As pictured above)
    + Aquatic anatomy 
    Tragen Anatomy|Special
    - Optional Sensors on the head (Like a catfish etc. Does not need to be added)

  • For reference, below are the old trait sheets. Do not use these for future designs!
    Old Trait Sheet


Centeer (Dephx Subtype)

Centeer are a exclusive sub-breed of Dephx, usually found deep underground. Centeer are very good diggers, and live in massive nests, usually alone. They do not posses the same ability to hover like normal Dephx, explaining their affinity to digging and nesting. Centeer have long tails, filled with poison. Their bite or sting can paralyze it's prey in seconds, however when it is used on other Dephx it slowly changes them into a Centeer if they survive the attack. Centeer are very territorial. They use the large horns on their heads to battle with other male Centeers for territory.  

Centeer still prefer Aphex as their main source of prey, however they do not leave their nests very far so they usually snack on any animals they can get. In terms, Aphex can usually outrun a Dephx or fight back, but a Centeer can easily paralyze their prey in seconds, making them a constant fear for travelers alike. 

Centeer can be found anywhere there is dirt, even in snowy areas, however this is exceptionally rare as snow often covers their burrow's exits. Centeer are horrible swimmers, so they usually avoid beaches or anywhere prone to flooding. 

In order to turn a Dephx into a Centeer, you  must use Centeer Poison on them.
Starts with +5 Strength, +3 Logic

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​When transforming your Dephx to a Centeer sub-species, the Dephx may lose some characteristics in the process. 
During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
The tail can be short or long, but must have pincers at the end.
Fur can be added
Eye horns can be flexible like antenna. 

+ Centeer anatomy 


Sycokin (Nadire Subtype)

Lore and Information

  • Sycokin.jpg


    Sycokin are Nadires who have met an unfortunate fate with a rare parasite called Sycos. Sycos are a unique parasite perfectly adapted to meld with machinery and complicated electrical devices in the core of a Nadire. They have found that a Nadire's body provides the perfect host that requires little to no upkeep, meaning more food for the parasite itself. The longer they spend with the host body, the better they learn to control the machinery and can even create upgrades for their own body. During the adapting stage, the Nadire's body will undergo key changes to better suit the parasite, some of which require agility and defense resulting in hooves and cloth over more of the body. The parasites meld with the circuitry of the Nadire, combining the instincts of a living being and the mind of an AI. In a sense, the two become one, and in some cases the parasite can access the memory database of the Nadire and may begin to act similarly to the host before transition. Syco parasites can be a substitute for a cheaper version of becoming an Oniyx, but a far more risky procedure. Some parasites may accidentally tear Nadire's delicate hardware during the transition if under stressful conditions. Syco parasites can repair the body with organic material found in a Nadire's cosmetics, allowing for its alterations. Sycokin like to be constantly warm and will build on the host's cloth by producing their own, building upon the body similar to silkworms. 

    A Syco parasite's skin is like glass and is always black. Their glowing features can be any colour. They can eat any food but mostly enjoy meat. Acclimatizing to society can be difficult but not impossible for Sycokins, by using the wisdom of the Nadire the parasite can navigate languages, customs, and cultures with appropriate care and knowledge. With the intellect of a Nadire, Sycokin can be found in high-ranking roles and in technology-based jobs. Ohaso is a hot spot for Sycokins as these roles are abundant. Oniyx and Nadires often turn their noses up at Sycokins and usually have a negative prejudice formed from the parasitic nature of the symbiotic relationship.

    In order to turn your Nadire into a Sycokin, you must use a Syco Parasite.

    Requirements of Subtype 

    Starts with +10 Agility

    -Wing materials can be converted to sleeve material. 
    - Wings are a separate trait.
    - Tail follows general Aphex rules.
    - The Parasite must be black. Glow can be any colour.
    -Anatomy as shown above.
    + Cloth can cover entire body.
    + Sycokin anatomy|Special

    Old anatomy



Soul Lore

  • Sycokin bodies contain souls from the parasite.

Toku (Kiku Subtype)

Toku's are very large, horse sized beasts that roam large fields and mountains. Their legs are perfectly adapted for both running on uneven terrain and climbing sheer cliffs. Their legs end in tough pincers, perfect for gripping rocks and objects, but sturdy enough to walk on razor sharp rocks. Unlike Kikus, Tokus can not remove their masks. To eat, they can expand their mouths and allow their insides to wrap or hold an object to eat. These insides consist of black tentacles that have a sharp small mouth in the center. This means eating can take a long time, and Tokus are often found laying down for long periods of time to eat and digest their food.

Toku's naturally feast on animals, usually smaller creatures but they won't shy away from a challenge. Due to their incredible speed, Toku's can be quite scary when encountering one that is hostile. Toku can speak like Kikus can, but have a tendency to mimic sounds of previous victims to lure in their prey. Toku's mostly live in large areas of grass or along mountain edges where they can easily hide and stalk their prey. 


It's been a day now, i can still hear it moving through the tall grass... Waiting for me.
It chirps and whistles, i know it's close. It sounds just like Luke, I cant stand it. 
Is it waiting for me to fight? To run? Or to just give up? 
I don't know if it will ever leave me alone, but if i cant escape, i ain't going down without a fight. 
In order to turn a Kiku into a Toku, you must use a Cursed Mask
Starts with +2 Agility, 3+ Logic 
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When transforming your Kiku to a Toku sub-species, the Kiku may lose some characteristics in the process. 
During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
Fur should loosely follow the guide above. 
The Kiku will lose the large gaps in it's mouth.
The teeth will transfer the same design to the Toku's teeth design. (The one above showing normal teeth)
Some mouth designs can still be applied such as double.

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
+ Toku anatomy 


Xi'rune (Xeode Subtype)

Xi'rune are exceptionally rare forms of Xeodes that hold more magical power than their counterparts. When forming in their seeds, they can carry over the essence of stronger afflictions, changing their forms and abilities. One of the most noticeable changes is their anatomy, sacrificing their sturdy forms into one that is more agile and graceful. Along with this change, their tusks are twisted into horns that can vary from any size, also accompanied by an extra growth in the middle of the head. This horn is the conductor of their base magic which allows them to pick up items around them to compensate for the lack of digits.

Another impressive addition a Xi'rune has is its stronger affliction status. Instead of tame class afflictions, they are born with an alert class, making them much more powerful and respected by other species for this known fact. Just like normal Xeodes, they do not have a strong recollection of their past life and thus are still outcasted by many species.

In order to turn a Xeode into an Xi'rune, you must use an Afflicted Soul Seed.
Starts with +3 Agility
Starts with Alert affliction. (Tame affliction must change to alert class.)

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​When transforming your Xeode to a Xi'rune sub-species, the Xeode may lose some characteristics in the process. 
During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
Anatomy should follow the guide above. 
Ears can be added along with different basic tails.
Xeode horn traits are lost and should be turned in or used on another trait.

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
Horns on the head should be placed like the example above. Style can be any sort.
Need hooves. 
+ Xi'rune anatomy | Special


Air Vikai (Vikai Subtype)

Land Vikai (Vikai Subtype)

Water Vikai (Vikai Subtype)

Fae Vikai (Vikai Subtype)

The Ascended (Aphex Subtype)



  • Ascendants can eat any edible foods or items. They generally enjoy fruits and pleasant flavors. 


  • Ascendants can vary drastically in size, ranging from 2 meters long to 15 meters long, mostly dependant on age.


  • Ascendants have a small chance to conceive if they find a mate, however, due to their rarity, it has never been documented.

Lore and Information

  • AscendedBanner.png

    Ascended are incredibly rare god-like beings. These beings are created when an Aphex of strong emotion returns to the earth and is transformed into an Ascended, similar to the process for a Xeode. It takes hundreds of years for an Ascended to reach a god-like level, which explains the rarity of sightings. These beings, once fully grown, can reach massive sizes. The Ascended are, in simplest forms, hibernating stars, and carry a stone-like orb throughout their entire lives, which is the source of their power. Once they are fully grown they can contain a mass of abilities. If their stone is broken, the being will die. Ascended are very vulnerable during their development stages, and require protection and guidance. They usually hatch alone, and the chances of an Ascended finding another Ascended or passive being are so slim that many perish in their earliest stages. 


Soul Lore

  • Ascendants have normal souls, however, these do not weaken or deteriorate despite the soul's age.



  • Aphex Traits (Where Applicable)
    Basic Trait Sheet
    Bonus Pack #1

    Physical Requirements
    The Stone in the chest must match their "flames/Smoke". The smoke should be one main defined colour but can have slight/soft gradients. The sclera (whites of the eyes) must be black or dark and the basic eye is a slit but can be changed with traits.  The stone can be gradients/patterns/sparkly etc but this must be reflected in their magic (Flames/Smoke). Wings can be small or large but follow the anatomy shown on the sheet. The smoke can be manipulated into odd shapes and resemble creatures around the Ascended. It does not need to be obvious, but the Ascended is covered in "sensors/vents" that expel their magic. Flames/smoke do not have to be present 24/7 or on the masterlist entries but the colour would be assumed by their stone.


Ascended Stages

  • Due to being gods, Ascended advance in stages to depict their story or survival and to cement their place in the world of Elyxium. You will be required to draw a prompt each time your Ascended has leveled up, and when submitting your prompts ensure you have the minimum XP in their bank to advance. Once the prompt has been approved, submit the next stage design as a redesign with the approved prompt in the comments.


    Stage 1: Egg

    The egg stage. The egg must represent the Ascendants stone. Must be in a spiral shape. These stones are crystal in nature and can be transparent to opaque. 
    (Submit your egg design as your stage 1 character image. You will be able to alter the colours in future redesigns. You are free to colour-shift the image above as your egg.
    XP Needed in bank for age up: 0XP
    Draw your egg design in the location or place where it will hatch. What is its environment? Is it harsh? Has your Ascended been adopted by a traveling family?
    Artwork requires the egg in full view, and at least a simple scenic background. 



    Stage 2: Hatchling

    In this stage Ascended are blind. They use most of their energy burrowing out the ground. They are always hungry and often like to sleep and can fall asleep on the spot. They can not hear very well, leaving them quite vulnerable. Their sensors can not emit their magic until stage 4 (fire/smoke). 
    (Submit your baby design as your stage 2 character image. The stone's colour should be derived from the previous stage if not redesigned.
    XP Needed in bank for age up: 200XP
    Now that your egg has hatched, how will your Ascended survive in this harsh world? Are they alone to scavenge for themselves? Do they spend most of their hatchling stage in the burrow? Do they have a safe place and a caring hand to guide them?
    Artwork requires at least halfbody, and at least a simple scenic background. 


    Stage 3: Fletchling

    Fletching Ascended has finally opened their eyes and wants to play and test their strength! They are very friendly and love to explore and meet others at this stage. Their bodies are still quite small, so they need to be cared for. This is the borderline of their independence.
    (Submit your youngling design as your stage 3 character image. The colour should be derived from the previous stage if not redesigned. 
    XP Needed in bank for age up: 500XP
    Your Ascended has survived to reach the Fletching stage! They have finally grown curious about the world and their place in it. Draw your Ascended finding a new skill or hobby it enjoys, or facing a challenge or situation they must overcome to mature.
    Artwork requires at least halfbody, and at least a simple scenic background. 


    Stage 4:Sub-Adult

    An Ascended finally gains their wisdom and magical abilities. They do not have full control, but slowly start to build their skills. Their magic starts to spill from their sensors and they begin to show off their soul colours. Their magic smoke should only be around 0-30% of their full design and can not be any defined shapes yet. Their wings at this point can not carry their body without magical help and should be small.  At this point, a few magical powers begin to emerge. 
    -Alert Affliction: Ascended Ability: Healing abilities, especially against other afflictions.
    -Alert Affliction: Ascended Ability: Very small hovering abilities. 
    -Alert Affliction: Ascended Ability: Alert Affliction (User's choice. Locked to this character). 
    Wisdom +5
    Magic +10
    (Submit your adolescent design as your stage 4 character image. The colour should be derived from the previous stage if not redesigned.)

    XP Needed in bank for age up: 1000XP
    What a beauty to behold! Your Ascended has finally gained its abilities and is on the journey to its full potential. During this stage Ascended have trouble controlling their powers, and develop unique ones usually inspired by their skills or interests. Draw your Ascended practicing or using their magic, or finding our their own unique alert affliction.
    Artwork requires at least halfbody, and at least a simple scenic background. 


    Stage 5: Adult

    Ascended have fully formed their abilities, but their body still has time to grow. Their magic spills out, but can of course be controlled and manipulated to suit the Ascendant's aesthetics. Their magic smoke can be around 0-80% of their full design and can take the form of many different types of shapes, even splitting off into creatures around the Ascended. Their smoke is harmless and is not a viable weapon. 
    -Alert Affliction: Ascended Ability: Able to hover to great heights. (Upgraded)
    (Submit your adult design as your stage 5 character image. It is not necassary to update your character at this point if you are happy with the previous design's appearance. The colour should be derived from the previous stage if not redesigned.)
    Magic +10

Dragon Vikai (Vikai Subtype)


Dragon Vikai are a very rare and diverse subspecies of Vikai. They have a range of abilities and can are widely adapted to suit all types of terrain. These Vikai are born with a single elemental ability, which can be diverse and unique to the Vikai. They control this element by breathing it or controlling it with their horn. Common examples are air, fire and land but can be unique such as acid, darkness and ice. Aside from their one elemental ability, they can also hover as a form of transport, many depict that these Vikai "slither" in the air like snakes to propel themselves forward. 

You will need a Scorched Egg to turn your Vikai into a Dragon Vikai

Dragon Vikai have 5 Agility and 5 Magic
Requires the same food as per normal Vikai

Dragon Vikai

Slit Eyes. 
Anatomy that matches the one above.
Maw or teeth can be any style.
Tail can be furry or hairless in any basic style. (No scorpions etc) 
At least 1 horn on the head to control their element. (Any style)

Can Add:
Extra Eyes
Any Physical Wings 
Mineral Growth
Can be the sized pictured to Fae Vikai Sized. 

Kackle (Kiku Subtype)

Kackles are a sub-species of Kiku that are rather common among their kind. Seen as more of a "genetically mutated" strain, they often excel at abilities normal Kikus may be weak at. Rather than strong stocky legs, Kackles have thin almost human-like limbs that allow them to run at great speeds. They use their agility to catch small fast prey. A major defining mutation to the Kackle is their unusual method for gaining colors. When born, they only possess black coats with white masks. As they grow and hunt, they slowly gain the colours from the creatures they eat that soon merge to create a defined coat for the Kackle. Many creatures of Elyxium have colourful patterns, allowing Kackles to come in all shades of the rainbow. 


This one didnt come out as planned. We will have to attempt another ceremony.
This time, get it right.
In order to turn a Kiku into a Kackle, you must use a Human-like Tooth.
Starts with Agility+10
Read More

When transforming your Kiku to a Kackle sub-species, the Kiku may lose some characteristics in the process. 
During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
Fur can be added as per normal rules.
Tail can be any normal Kiku tail.
The second mouth can have any teeth/lip line. 

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
+ Kackle anatomy 

Defect (D) (Dephx Subtype)

Defect (A) (Aphex Subtype)

Defects are human traits mixed with various species. These can include Aphex, Dephx, Kiku and Nadires. These are considered the rarest of any subspecies. 
Defects are only available through Cryptickoi Adopts/customs or special events. 

Defect (N) (Nadire Subtype)

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