The Main Species of the Aphex Empire

Below are the common species found in the world.

  • The main species of Elyxium. This species runs most of the world's economies.

  • Considered the defects of Aphex, these creatures are born with hatred in their blood.

  • The jesters of Elyxium. You can always recognize a Kikus distinct laughter.

  • The reborn vessels of Aphex and Dephx souls that have yet to move on to another life.

  • The offbrands of Aphex, Nadires are synthetically created to mimic the success of Aphex.

  • Magical deities that inhabit the powers derived from Tarot cards.

  • Possessed totems that have given wandering spirits a new chance.

  • Considered the angels of Elyxium, these beings guide lost souls to Alure.

  • Considered the demons of Elyxium, these beings live off the life force of others.

  • These little chimes are the perfect friend. Their ringing causes a single emotional aura on those around them.

  • The realm keepers of the world, Lockeys can create pocket dimensions for their masters.