• Lore

    Anines are creatures of stone and liquid, originating from the lost city of Lunara. They are created by Lunarians carving stone statues of their forms and funneling sap of their sacred tree into a special vessel in the statue's head. This life-giving sap activates these statues into living breathing creatures of stone. Their prime purpose is to guard the lost city against those who intend to hurt their tree, however, they also make good emotional support companions due to their passive and curious nature. The sap running through their bodies gives them some very special abilities. One of which allows them to create light projections that are physical and can be deadly. The only way to "kill" an Anine is to break the vessel in the head, spilling out the sap. Their bodies are solid and can resist most attacks from blades and weapons. 

    Aside from their light projection, they also have the ability to create "steps" under their hooves. This allows them to walk across the water and a few meters off the ground. Anine can also share some of their life-giving sap to heal others, some even known to give their lives to heal their partners. 

    Anines can reach from 1meter to 3meters tall, and often have a "resting" form in which they remain as a cold hard statue to reenergize. It's not yet known if outsiders can create these creatures even if they possess enough stone and sap as the Lunarian-made statues are deceptively complex inside. 

    Traits and Anatomy

    Anines can come in any colours and markings. Their sap/glow should always be one base colour.
    They always have a projection point on their forehead, shape can vary. There can be more of these pockets anywhere on the body.
    They always have sleek smooth faces that clearly break off from the body (as shown below) but this can be customized.
    Horns/glowing markings and different tails are all okay.
    Fur is fine but should be stylized to suit their stone forms.
    Eyes should follow the guide with stylized/thick eyelashes. 

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    When paired using a Moonflower, Anine grant their owner the following stats: 
    Wisdom +7

    When fed with Anaris Fruit, they gain +1 Wisdom (per snack), which is also granted to their paired Elyxian. 


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