Resell Price: 20 AC

Category: Other Specie Items

Artist: Cryptickoi

Reference Link:

Item Name: Moonflower
Transfer Availability: 
Locked to: 

Allows the user to link a companion with a character.
Both parties must be registered on the Masterlist.  

You must comment on the Elyxium Character's masterlist to link. 
Withers after use. 

Companions can only be linked to one character at a time and vice versa!

A rare and radiant flower. Only found during a full moon where its colours glow with arcane light. Used for relaxation and mediation. Instills a great sense of peace in both man and beast. Can be used to train or calm wild creatures, especially when used as feed. 

Uses: Link a companion to a character



Store, Events, Gathering

Purchaseable At:

Amulet of the Moonflower

Resell Price: 100 AC

Category: Afflictions

Rarity: Rare


Compatibility: Any Main Species
Required: level 0+. Needs to be linked to a companion.
Trait Type: 
Alert Affliction Item: Amulet of the Moonflower
Gives the wearer the ability to create an everlasting bond with their companion. They will be able to look through the companion's eyes and control their body consensually. They both can talk to each other in their minds despite the distance, though the further apart the two are the quieter the voice becomes. 
Magic +2

A small amulet that comes in one piece. When the amulet is broken by a being and their companion, a piece of their souls is shared, creating a strong bond between their bodies. 

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