Toku (Kiku Subtype)

Toku's are very large, horse sized beasts that roam large fields and mountains. Their legs are perfectly adapted for both running on uneven terrain and climbing sheer cliffs. Their legs end in tough pincers, perfect for gripping rocks and objects, but sturdy enough to walk on razor sharp rocks. Unlike Kikus, Tokus can not remove their masks. To eat, they can expand their mouths and allow their insides to wrap or hold an object to eat. These insides consist of black tentacles that have a sharp small mouth in the center. This means eating can take a long time, and Tokus are often found laying down for long periods of time to eat and digest their food.

Toku's naturally feast on animals, usually smaller creatures but they won't shy away from a challenge. Due to their incredible speed, Toku's can be quite scary when encountering one that is hostile. Toku can speak like Kikus can, but have a tendency to mimic sounds of previous victims to lure in their prey. Toku's mostly live in large areas of grass or along mountain edges where they can easily hide and stalk their prey. 


It's been a day now, i can still hear it moving through the tall grass... Waiting for me.
It chirps and whistles, i know it's close. It sounds just like Luke, I cant stand it. 
Is it waiting for me to fight? To run? Or to just give up? 
I don't know if it will ever leave me alone, but if i cant escape, i ain't going down without a fight. 
In order to turn a Kiku into a Toku, you must use a Cursed Mask
Starts with +2 Agility, 3+ Logic 
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When transforming your Kiku to a Toku sub-species, the Kiku may lose some characteristics in the process. 
During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
Fur should loosely follow the guide above. 
The Kiku will lose the large gaps in it's mouth.
The teeth will transfer the same design to the Toku's teeth design. (The one above showing normal teeth)
Some mouth designs can still be applied such as double.

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
+ Toku anatomy 


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