Mythren (Ethren Subtype)


  • Mythren mostly live on a diet of insects, fruits, and/or flower pollen. Their diet mostly relies on personal preference. 


  • Mythren usually ranges from 10cm to 40cm tall on average.


  • Mythren can not reproduce like normal Ethren. Others can only be found in mutated Ethren crystal eggs. 


  • Item Needed:

    Stat Increase
     + Magic 3, Agility 2
     + Mythren Anatomy

Lore and Information

  • Mythren are pixie-sized Ethren that emerge from the same types of crystal eggs that Ethren come from. These eggs are usually smaller, and the gem it is made from determines the Mythren's soul gem. Mythren have a few different discernable features to Ethren, mostly their insectoid anatomy and the gem that adorns their heads instead of an Arcana. 

    Mythren can have a large range of gems that can adorn their head. These gems are common minerals found in the earth that fall into the gemstone category (Can include man-made gems).  Each Mythren has a unique aura that emanates from their gemstone (this can be chosen by the owner or follow typical auras of gemstones). This aura is not devastatingly strong but can have a subtle influence on those around them which can be controlled on will. 

  • Mythren are most commonly found in Hivia and the mushroom biome in which their food is plentiful. They can fly around with their inset wings that usually leave a small sparkling trait behind them. Those that mostly feed on pollen can store the powder on their ankles for easy transport. 



  • Body Reference +Arcanas and position
    Body Traits

    Mythren do not posses Arcanas. Instead, they have gemstones in the middle of the head. These can be in any shape or style, including a horn shape without a trait. To record the gemstone on your Mythren, add the trait for the subspecies anatomy (Mythren Anatomy) and add the gemstone in the notes section of the trait. It should look like - Mythren Anatomy (Ruby).

    Mythren automatically begin with Magic 3, Agility 2



  • When making a Mythren, please ensure you have the following additions all listed under (Mythren Anatomy) trait.
    - Insectoid wings
    - A single type of gemstone on the head, any style
    - Thicker fur around the paws
    -(Optional) insect tail (can not be Arachnida or Scorpiones etc)
    -Wider head

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