Dragon Vikai (Vikai Subtype)


Dragon Vikai are a very rare and diverse subspecies of Vikai. They have a range of abilities and can are widely adapted to suit all types of terrain. These Vikai are born with a single elemental ability, which can be diverse and unique to the Vikai. They control this element by breathing it or controlling it with their horn. Common examples are air, fire and land but can be unique such as acid, darkness and ice. Aside from their one elemental ability, they can also hover as a form of transport, many depict that these Vikai "slither" in the air like snakes to propel themselves forward. 

You will need a Scorched Egg to turn your Vikai into a Dragon Vikai

Dragon Vikai have 5 Agility and 5 Magic
Requires the same food as per normal Vikai

Dragon Vikai

Slit Eyes. 
Anatomy that matches the one above.
Maw or teeth can be any style.
Tail can be furry or hairless in any basic style. (No scorpions etc) 
At least 1 horn on the head to control their element. (Any style)

Can Add:
Extra Eyes
Any Physical Wings 
Mineral Growth
Can be the sized pictured to Fae Vikai Sized. 

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