• Diet

    • Blessed Cyphons do not need to eat but can be considered omnivores.



    • Cyphons can not reproduce. They are created from Gracelight (dead soul energy) and can appear as smaller forms when first created.

    Lore and Information

    • CyphonAnatomy.png

      General Lore

      Cyphons are celestial beings born and created in Alure (The Afterlife/Soul Plane). They manage the souls that pass through the scared land, helping them reincarnate into their new vessel. Blessed Cyphons can navigate between Alure and the living realm in order to lead lost souls back to Alure. It is believed that Blessed Cyphons can not force a soul to Alure, but can help them accept their condition and seek a new beginning.

      Cyphons are created with Gracelight, a type of energy created from souls that have expired their lifetime cycle. They can not reproduce. Cyphons each have a special voice that can lure lost souls into their embrace, this song can be heard from up to 3 kilometers away. Cyphons have long arms that act as reverberators, helping the Cyphon's lullaby to reach great distances. These arms can also carry souls safely back between the living realm and Alure, acting as a sort of vessel so souls are not lost on the way.  


      Gracelight and Death
      Gracelight is the energy once a soul has finished a reincarnation cycle. It is like the melted wax of a candle and is molded into a new form once its original purpose has been fulfilled. This Gracelight forms Blessed Cyphons in Alure, by forming large black egg-like flowers that bloom once the Cyphon inside has been created. In some cases, the Cyphon may be smaller or "Chidlish-looking" based on less Gracelight being used in the process, however, these forms usually grow larger once they naturally absorb Gracelight in Alure's atmosphere. When receiving bodily injures, Cyphons will bleed Gracelight, which is often black and can sparkle. Gracelight can appear as liquid, smoky, or some cases black fire.  Cyphons can not be killed by normal means, and can only be destroyed by other Cyphons or weapons cursed/blessed by a Cyphon. If a Cyphon sustains fatal damage to their body by another source their body will slowly reconstruct or turn fully into a mass of Gracelight where they can retreat to Alure to heal their physical form.

      Two Sides of the Same Coin

      Being divine and spiritual symbols, Blessed Cyphons are religious figures that represent forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, and love.  Not all Cyphons, however, are such figures. Cursed Cyphons are Cyphons that have committed the selfish crime of keeping souls for their own power. Instead of bringing the souls to Alure, they keep them trapped in their bodies until the soul starts to decay and increase their own gracelight. The Cursed, or also referred to as GraceSeekers, hold a different meaning in religion. Often depicted as inverted or thin deformed versions of Blessed Cyphons - they represent discord, chaos, greed, and darkness. The Cursed are at constant battle with the Blessed in order to survive their divine punishment - the punishment of becoming a soul that doesn't lose its memory between lives and is forced to keep its consciousness despite their form, be it plant, insect, or other until they have fully experienced a reincarnation cycle, which can take hundreds upon thousands of years.  Cursed are no longer welcome in Alure but still contain the ability to travel to Alure, but are incredibly vulnerable to the mass number of Blesseds that reside there.

      Among the Living
      Cyphons are not considered gods, but closer to angels, and Cursed closer to demons despite being the same species. Cyphons are a rare sight and are said to have the ability to appear invisible, fog the memory of viewers, and put watchers to sleep with their song, and those who encounter the Cursed often do not make it out alive to tell their story. Cyphons are believed to be the same figures humans have depicted angels throughout history. It is commonly assumed that Cyphons shift their forms every few hundred years to avoid being recognized upon the living. Blessed Cyphons supposedly yield to a divine power that resides in Alure, presumed to be the ultimate deity, or, a god. This being ensures that Blessed Cyphons adhere to a moral code when visiting the living plane, which the rules follow as so- 
      >Never harm another with malicious intent unless it is to protect oneself or another.
      >Do not interfere with the fate of the living.
      >Hide your true nature from the living. 
      >Never, under any circumstances take a soul for your own selfish greed.

      If the first two rules are broken, punishment may result in banishment or sacrilegious removal of one's eyes. If a Cyphon takes a soul and becomes cursed, they will be executed. 



    Soul Lore

    • Cyphons do not have souls, but are made of Gracelight which is created from burnt-out souls.



    • Head Traits

      Cyhon's appearances have changed drastically over the millions of years they have served as guides. This is reflected in their head shapes most of all, each belonging to a different faction in Alure itself. 
      Common face shapes are found in most Cyphons, these are usually rounded and more friendly-looking in appearance. 
      Mount faces usually belong to Cyphons that are guards, fighters, or are generally strong and loyal. 
      Rounded faces generally belong to mother figures, those who seek to protect and nurture. 
      Croc faces are generally considered rebels, often testing the limits of the rules and enjoy playing rather than acting as guides. 
      Sharp faces are stereotypically Cyphons that are distant from their bodily emotions and prefer to follow their purpose. 
      Cottonmouth faces are Cyphons that enjoy the fun in life, from the wicked to the beautiful. They seek action and adventure. 

      *These are just the stereotypical assumptions on these face shapes, your Cyphon does not need to follow these norms. 

    • Body Mutations

      *Editor Note: Any normal ears are optional to add as a common trait (1 pair). 
      Cursed Cypons skin is constantly peeling away. This can be styled like clothing, robes etc. Underneath is another coat, or on the faces, the skull can peak through. 

      To change the species from Blessed to Cursed etc needs an item or species changer. 

      For reference, below are the old trait sheets. Do not use these for future designs!
      Species Sheet
      Mutations #1
      Bonus Pack - Head Traits


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