The Swan's Crest

Resell Price: 100 AC

Category: Afflictions

Rarity: Exclusive

Compatibility: All Main Species
Exclusive. Will not show in Shop Rotations
Alert Affliction Item: The Swan's Crest

The user's hands are cursed with the ability to turn living beings into a (single) material (Stone/Gem/Gold/Metal). Gloves and fabrics can cancel out this touch, as the skin must make contact directly with the skin of the being. 
Stat upgrades Logic +3
Grants the use of the title The Devil's Guardian

*The hands of the character can show signs of this curse. Optional appearance modifiers to the hands only can consist of any of the following - 
-The hands are made of the material it turns others into. 
-The hands are made of a mailable liquid that holds the shape of distinguishable hands. 
-The hands are made of slime/jelly with clear bone structure or no bone structure inside.
-The hands are surrounded by smoke of any colour.

A small crest made of pure silver and stained glass. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. 


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