Sword of the Forsaken

Resell Price: 100 AC

Category: Afflictions

Rarity: Legend


Compatibility: All Mains +Companions +Licensed Species
Type Type: 
Alert Affliction: Sword of the Forsaken

The user has a sword/spear/arrow(s) impaled in the body of any physical style. If this weapon is removed the user will die but remain immortal as long as it remains in the flesh.
The entry/exit wound of this weapon can be stylized to look like a gaping hole to defy physics, constantly bleeding, oozing liquid or shadows etc.

This sword is rumored to be one of the weapons used to destroy the Cassowary King. It is said weapons used to kill the king are cursed and will inflict a terrible fate upon it's next victim. 

To use this item, edit/redraw the image of your character and submit it as a redesign with this item attached.
When using specie or body modifiers (Specie items or body shape traits/items) any traits that can not be used should be changed into another trait of that tier. If you dont use it, the trait is lost.
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