Maskie (PC1)

Resell Price: 50 AC

Category: Pets

Rarity: Plush


Species Name: Maskie
Set: Halloween
*Can not be commissioned
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Maskies are little, Aphex-looking critters that love to collect random ingredients and turn them into potions. The majority of the time their potions do little more than explode, but on rare occasions, the Maskie can create fascinating spells to help their owners. Maskies are often very protective of their potions and seem to have an unresistible urge to create them whenever interesting ingredients are around. It is advised to not leave a Maskie alone in your kitchen.... or house. 

This pet has been influenced by a plush collar! Their skin is as soft as silk, and the sound of small bells jingles from their chests. How cute!

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