Companion Updates

Posted 28 November 2022, 07:02:23 UTC :: Last edited 28 November 2022, 07:02:23 UTC by Cryptickoi

Afternoon Everyone, we hope you are doing well! 

We have some updates involving how companions will work in the game, please read below the specific changes we have made. 

Companion Tab and Card

The companion tab now functions and your companions can now be linked and tracked on your Elyxian character. To link, you can either use a Moonflower, or draw an artwork of the two. More info here. Users who have a companion linked with the old system can keep the old mechanics, but this means it will not be compatible with the new features. Stats will be a permanent buff for old links, but with the new system, the two characters must be drawn together for buffs. 

Bond Points

Bond points have been reworked. They can be passively gained with XP when the two characters are drawn together. This is with the intention to grow their relationship through progression, rather than an alternative XP ladder. 


Tack and gear will soon be introduced to allow specific buffs for your companion and/or linked Elyxian. More info coming soon. 


Some may notice two new categories, Unique and Purebred. Uniques are myos that exist currently and are not affected by any changes.  Purebreds will be soon introduced into the game as game assets, or easier methods to gain mounts that are not individually unique (you will be able to customize their designs once purchased). Purebreds will be accessible with in-game currency (Blessed Coins and Art Coins). You may also be able to obtain these designs through quests and other activities. The cost will vary on their canon rarity. More coming soon! 

The companion training page will now be your new landing page for everything in involving companions! It will be updated as new mechanics are revealed. 



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