Districts and Empires

Area info is listed at the bottom of the page on each district leader (First of the hierarchy ladder).


  • A strange and forbidden place to explore... Many who have ventured here do not return.

  • A fallen empire now stirs with the forgotten souls of those who had fallen. Many avoid this area.

  • A calm and quiet district filled with history and culture. Feisha proudly proclaims its safety and hospitality. 
  • A strict and ruthless city of disease and violence. 

  • A hidden city below the scorching desert sun. This city is a haven for wandering souls.

  • The Harrow is a mysterious and dangerous place filled with magic and deadly beasts.

  • Hidden away in a portal, Novia waits to invite passersby to its unique and fun world.

  • The moving district, Stowaway, is a large fleet of fearless pirates in search of treasure and riches.

  • Known as the city of sound, Easthaven is known for its constant melody emanating its city.

  • A feared city, Yellowseed is infamous for its black-market economy and lack of laws, governed by a psychotic leader.

  • Norwich is a lavish city that is filled with interesting characters. This city is considered a haven for the rich.

  • Redwood is located in the middle of the winter alps where gems of all hues can be found in the melting snow.

  • A secretive district many have not heard of, hidden away outside the Glowing Forest.

  • A bustling city found in the mountain range behind Mt Ever Rest. Ohaso is known for its nightlife and technological advancements.

  • A tropical stretch of towns makes Silkglow unique and inspired. Many say the sea mimics the night sky in daylight during the warmer months.

  • A large coral reef filled with gigantic formations that tower above the water's surface. Underneath lies a hidden city.

  • Only the brave dare enter Hivia's territory. Most renowned for its people's strength and resilience, it has gained a large following of warriors.

  • Considered one of the most magically advanced districts, Enyana welcomes any gifted souls to learn more about their abilities.

Other Locations and Inhabitants

Below are areas not considered as Districts (Cities). NPCs located in these areas are listed below the location


  •  Carleen has extensive knowledge of the creatures of this world and runs a sanctuary to protect these fascinating creatures.

  • A large beast protects the Tree of Equity in the Black Eden, an expansive valley of black vegetation.

  • A lone ruler in search of his place once more among the lands. 

  • A sacred pond for those seeking their wishes to be fulfilled.

  • A set of islands with pristine white beaches all surrounding a mysterious sinkhole in its center.

  • A large valley of lavender covering the southern mountains of Ashborne. It is said to emotionally heal those who wander through these flowers.

  • A large cave system made of flesh covers one of the lower layers of The Harrow. These colonies have been seen in other locations to a smaller degree.

  • Alure is considered the final resting place before souls move on to their next life. Many have not returned from this realm.