• General Info
    Feisha resides in the fallen country of japan. The district claims the entire island and maintains its architecture, temples, and sacred sites, and mostly anything they could repair after the downfall. Fiesha is a district of peace and tranquility. A land where Aphex and species alike can thrive and work together to survive. To achieve this, there is a rigorous test all potential visitors must take to enter the city, let alone migrate there. This test is to ensure that the Elyxian is not a threat to others or themselves. ANY Elyxian with a critical level affliction is automatically not allowed in. No Dephex are allowed in under any conditions and will be arrested on sight.

    Feisha is rich with culture, derived from Asian ancestry, and developed over thousands of years with its own beliefs, gods, and traditions. The Skyweaver diety is the most commonly worshiped deity, and most cases of contact have been recorded in Feisha's lands. 

    Feisha is filled with a variety of vast environments and attractions, all of which attract a large influx of sightseers and travelers. These sights are unique to the district, however, rules enforced in the cities are not applicable to the wild lands, meaning Dephx and dangerous Elyxians may roam these unrestricted lands. 

  • District Scenery