• General Overview 

    Stowaway is the group name of a massive fleet of ships, led by The Jackdaw King. Akin to pirates of old, they travel the world, each ship seeking to add to their pile of treasures. The King posses the largest, most elaborate ship, Legacy, and leads the fleet to their next destination. There are hundreds of ships in the fleet, all usually containing small tight groups of Elyxians working together as a crew, usually with one appointed leader of each ship. There are no rules in this fleet. It's survival of the fittest, however, Elyxians of the same ship usually stick together through thick and thin. Jackdaw is a rough, weathered Aphex. He can be heartless, a thug, but is always well-mannered around the females of the fleet, a true "gentleman" he would like to say often. With his expertise in many different types of combat and powerful afflictions to boot, he is the undisputed leader, though many have tried and failed to steal his place. 

    The fleet of hundreds of ships sail the seas in one large group, sometimes hundreds of kilometers apart. It has been a curiosity how the fleet always manages to stay together, but this is one of the reasons the Jackdaw reigns supreme. The ship he sails is enchanted with an especially powerful affliction that influences the wind. With this ability, he can steer his fleet without ever needing to speak a word.

    Red Sails "The Blood Wings"
    Some may notice speckled in the fleet are ships with blood-red sails. These ships are renowned for the dangerous crew they carry aboard. Treasure hunting can be a dangerous indulgence, and many do not walk away with a fortune without consequences. Many items deemed as treasures or "relics" can afflict horrific afflictions on those who dare attempt to steal them. These harmful afflictions are also considered as "curses" among Elyxium tongue. Eternal infernos, acidic skin, and rotting organs are just a few of the many common curses pirates may be inflected with during their reign. Severely cursed Elyxians of the fleet are sent to live on these red-sailed ships with others just as damned as themselves. Many of which are not only cursed to suffer but wield powers their body can not contain, making them relentless and fearless fighters for their fleet. The red sails are a warning for all those who travel the seas to leave a wide berth let they may become cursed themselves ....

    • District Scenery 

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