The Shrike King of Yellowseed

Name: TBA

  • The Shrike King

    The Shrike King is feared by most in Yellowseed. He is always surrounded by his own gang called The Vultures. These notorious Aphex are known for their strength and cruel natures. It is best to follow the rules of this city and rise up to become stronger, otherwise you may not survive... 

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  • Located, Los Angeles, America. Yellowseed remains ruined, a city barely touched by Aphex architecture. It is filled with rebels and black market dealers. Within the community lies smaller groups of scavengers, yet all bow down to the self-proclaimed King The Shrike. This is a city that only the bravest and experienced can enter and leave alive. Wanders that venture too close to the city are in danger of being robbed or worse-. Permanent afflictions and relics are welcomed and almost prized among these Aphex, and if you're looking for such a thing they come in abundance. Possibly this is where the ShopKeep originates from to sell his wares. Yellowseed is also packed with Dephx, horrid creatures that pick off weak Aphex and are killed for sport among the residents. The proclaimed King is a feared insane pyromaniac that is often followed by a pack of his followers, bowing to his every need. He has no sympathy and delights in his follower's pain and misery. With a large array of afflictions at his beckoning, he is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.​